May 2017 – Tip of the Month: Staying informed when you are not the Owner or Primary Contact of a Service Request

Monitoring the status of service activity for your products is critical to maintaining a healthy IT environment. Dell EMC Online Support users have the option to receive two types of notifications to stay informed of the Service Requests within their environment.


1. Service Request Notifications:
Service Request Notifications are sent when a Service Request is created, updated, or closed where you are the Owner or Primary Contact. This also includes notifications for Dial-Home Service Requests. Subscribe to and configure preferences for these automated email updates from the Preferences menu.

2. Service Request Event Notifications:
SR Event Notifications are customized notification rules that you create based on more specific criteria (vs. only those SRs for which you are the contact). Use SR Event Notifications to receive Service Request notifications for specific sites or custom product groups you’ve created using My Custom Groups. You can also define additional criteria such as severity and escalation level.



Creating SR Event Notification Rules:

From the Preferences page:

  1. Click on ‘Subscriptions & Alerts’
  2. Click on ‘SR Events Notifications’
  3. Click on ‘New Notification’

    May tip 1.png
  4. Enter a name and description for the SR Event Notification
  5. Select one of the ‘Notify for’ drop-down options: ‘My Product Groups’ or ‘Account Sites’
  6. Select the advanced criteria that will trigger the email notification, including:
    • SR Create Conditions: ‘Software’, ‘Hardware’, or both
    • Dial Home Service Requests: the default setting is ‘Include’ Dial Home SRs
    • Severity at SR Create Time: set severity criteria [required field]
    • SR Event Conditions: receive a notification if SR is escalated
    • If SR becomes a Severity 1: receive a notification if SR changes to Sev 1
    • Notify Me Upon: ‘SR Create’, ‘SR Update’, ‘SR Closed’ [required field]
    • Email: verify information is accurate
    • Status: set the notification to ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’

      May tip 2.png
  7. Click 'Save'.



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