Webinar: Hyper Convergence - What is out there?

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May 16 – first in Tech Food Fight series - REGISTER HERE

Welcome to the first session in our Tech food fight (TFF) webcast series on Convergence and Hyper-convergence. TFF is a short 20-30min webcast series suitable both for Audio and Video format for you as a participant. The goal with the series is to explore different areas of the Converged and Hyper-converged universe and the key “Food for Thought” to consider for you as a customer.


In the first session we will cover 3 questions within Technology trends

1. Tech trends – What are we seeing out there, what are the analysts talking about and what’s happening in the industry in general

2. This month’s tech food fight is one of the big ones out there – aligned to industry tech trends – Hyper-converged infrastructure

3. How to get started – what steps should you take if you are considering this month’s tech food fight!