VxFlex Ready Node (Dell) with AMS: Documentation Library

Following is a list of guides available for theVxFlex Ready Node with AMS.


Note:For new users, the guides are named in sequence from pre-deployment right through to maintenance and troubleshooting.


Download the documentation package. This includes all the VxFlex Ready Node guides with AMS.

Download the latest release notes for VxFlex OS version 2.6

Link to VxFlex Ready Node Series software download page:



Document name and Description


VxFlex Ready Node v2.x Hardware Installation Guide - 14G.pdf (PDF)
Rack and stack guide for ScaleIO Ready Node servers.


VxFlex Ready Node v2.x Management Server Maintenance Guide - 14G.pdf  (PDF)

Includes instructions on how to setup and maintain the ScaleIO Ready Node AMS management server.


VxFlex Ready Node v2.x AMS Deployment Guide.pdf (PDF)

Includes an overview of the ScaleIO architecture and information on deploying ScaleIO. In addition, this document includes post-deployment information.


VxFlex Ready Node v2.x AMS Security Configuration Guide.pdf (PDF)

Includes information on the various ScaleIO security-related settings, including: access control, log, communication security, and data security.


VxFlex OS v2.x Performance Fine-Tuning Technical Notes.pdf (PDF)

Includes information for tuning ScaleIO for better performance.


VxFlex Ready Node v2.x AMS User Guide.pdf (PDF)

Includes an overview of the ScaleIO architecture day-to-day tasks, and information and settings to help you manage and monitor ScaleIO.


VxFlex Ready Node v2.x CLI Reference Guide.pdf (PDF)

Includes the syntax and usage for the ScaleIO CLI, SCLI. SCLI enables you to provision, maintain, and monitor your ScaleIO system.


VxFlex Ready Node v2.x REST API Reference Guide.pdf (PDF)

Includes information on the supported REST API commands for using with ScaleIO Ready Node with AMS.


VxFlex Ready Node v2.x Troubleshooting Guide.pdf (PDF)

Includes troubleshooting information with recommended workarounds and solutions.


VxFlex OS v2.x Log Collection Technical Notes.pdf (PDF)

Includes information on how to retrieve and view log files in ScaleIO, ScaleIO Ready Node, and VxRack Node systems.


VxFlex Ready Node Server Inspection Guide - 14G.pdf (PDF)

Includes information on how to check that servers in a ScaleIO Ready Node system power up correctly.


VxFlex Ready Node v2.x Upgrade Guide.pdf (PDF)

Includes information on how to upgrade ScaleIO software and hardware components.

Technical Notes

VxFlex OS v2.x Open Source Copyright and License Information.pdf (PDF)

Includes the open source license and copyright information.

VxFlex OS v2.x User Roles and LDAP Usage Technical Notes.pdf (PDF)

Describes the user roles and LDAP features in VxFlex OS.

VxFlex OS v2.x Performance Troubleshooting Technical Notes.pdf (PDF)

Includes VxFlex OS performance troubleshooting information.