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2017 Winning Articles - May
TitleAuthor(s)Thumbnail Summary
2017 Competition First Place Winner
Containers: IT Management and Operation Aspects
Mikhail Gloukhovtsev
Sr. Solutions Architect
Orange Business Services

This article reviews possible solutions for the challenges IT operations teams face when adopting containerized applications along with other aspects of container management and operation support. The article presents an IT management and operation practitioner view that will help readers in using container technologies for their businesses.

2017 Competition Second Place Winner
The Blockchain Opportunity: Last Call

Carlos Freire
Account Systems Engineer
Dell EMC


Luiz Pissinatti
Account Executive
Dell EMC

This article lists actionable steps that individuals and organizations might want follow to take advantage of the Blockchain opportunity. Interesting use cases – smart contracts, distributed cloud storage, electronic voting, among others – are presented, preceded by a brief technical introduction to blockchain itself, a quick history of its unconventional beginnings and current development.

2017 Competition Third Place Winner
Data's Value: Digital Transformation's Dirty Secret
Steve Todd
Dell Technologies Fellow
Dell EMC

This article highlights "Five Steps to Data Value" that will result in new business processes and IT touch points that enable knowing how to establish the purchase price of a data set and which data sets are "most monetizable", how to create new data products and services, and establishing the value of analytic models that, when implemented, will greatly increase an organization’s ability to monetize their data.

Best of Applied Data Analytics
Medical Image Recognition Using Deep Learning
Ronaldo Lopes
Data Scientist
Dell EMC

Mauro Damo
Data Scientist
Dell EMC

William Schneider
Data Scientist
Dell EMC

Wei Lin
Chief Data Scientist
Dell EMC

This article reviews Computer Aided Tumor diagnosis methods using Deep Learning techniques, use of these techniques in a study over a dataset of human body images; and application of the mentioned machine learning techniques using open source tools.

Best of Emerging Technology
Transforming Lives through Augmented Reality
Mohammed Hashim
Senior Architect,
Digital Engineering
Brillio Technologies

This article discusses market trends, fundamentals and working of Augmented reality (AR) and Milgram’s Reality-Virtuality Continuum. Further, it guides enterprises for adopting AR into mainstream business, catalysts and challenges and solution implementation with Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA).



2017 Articles Selected for Publishing
JulyDisaster Recovery Using NetWorker and Data DomainCore Tech (Avamar, NW, DD, DPA, SourceOne)Michael Dick
Principal Solutions Architect
Dell EMC
This article is a useful guide to Disaster Recovery of clients using NetWorker and Data Domain in a remote site. It demonstrates how to execute effective DR of a NetWorker client using NetWorker clones and Data Domain fast copy to an existing or new NetWorker server without the need to recover this NetWorker server using a bootstrap backup.
Unmasking Delusions Of CI/HCI Converge And ConquerHyper Converged InfrastructureShashank Shekhar
SE Analyst
Dell EMC
This article examines what Converged/Hyper-Converged Infrastructure actually is and how marketing myths can be unmasked while highlighting reality. An analysis is provided of the benefits of CI/HCI, challenges in developing this technology, and future trends.
Big Data Fuels Autonomous CarsBig Data

Jumana Bayoumy
Associate System Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC
Moustafa Hisham
System Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

The idea of autonomous cars will restructure every industry that depends on the vehicle, from taxis to car manufacturing, buses and trucking. This article explains how Big Data is essential to self-driving cars, exposing readers to the world of autonomous cars, illustrating their architecture, and how they work.
AugustElastic Cloud Storage SizingIsilon

Poorna Chandra Prashanth C

Senior Systems Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC – Presales Shared Services

Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) provides a complete software defined object storage platform designed for today’s cloud scale storage requirements. This article provides a high level overview of the basic steps in sizing the ECS Appliance using Dell EMC best practices.
Going Green with Micro Data CentersOpen

Anthony Dutra

Sr. Analyst, Sales Operations
Dell EMC

This article discusses the emergence of  micro data centers, what expectations are beginning to develop within the interested community which turns the idea into a viable industry, and how such data centers are (or have the potential) to contribute to “green data center” company initiatives.
2 TIER is the FutureOpen

Samuel Thomas

Associate System Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies

Vijayakumar Ravindran

Sr Advisor, IT Infrastructure
Dell Technologies

Ananya Das

Associate System Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies


Swetha Sounder

Associate System Engineer Analyst Dell Technologies

This article discusses features of 2 TIER and explains why Dell EMC believes this is designed for Third Platform.
SeptemberThe Miraculous World of Solid-State DriveOpenBruce Yellin
Data Center Architect
This article explains the intricacies of solid-state storage. Readers will learn about the popular interfaces and form factors available, gain an understanding of IOPs and latencies, how to evaluate SSD TCO, and examine the art of SSD benchmarking. Future innovations such as storing data by heating molecules in Phase-Change Memory and the radical idea of saving multiple values using resistance in a device called the Memristor are also discussed.
Big Data Etymology and Enough of the ETL AlreadyBig DataCurtis Breville
Advisory Systems Engineer
Dell EMC
Extract-transform-load (ETL) remains a tedious and time-consuming process in the world of predictive analytics. This article draws attention to the concerns around ETL for data transformation software vendors to address and provide insight to today’s alternatives to ETL.
NFV: Instigation of Telecom TransformationCloud Open/OpenSara Nouh
Systems Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

Mariam Kiryakos
Associate Systems Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC

Reem Mansour,

Systems Engineer Analyst
Dell EMC
This article discusses business needs that have emerged for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and how the transformation in industry is in need of agile yet efficient infrastructures. The Provider Cloud System (PCS) architecture is explained along with examples of POC proposals showing how flexible and customizable PCS can be, general benefits of PCS, and its effect on CapEx/OpEx.
OctoberCloud-Native: The Gate to Transforming the PlatformCloud SolutionsJumana Bayoumy,
Reem Mansour,
Omar El-Tawil,

Nayera Soliman
This article explains Native Hybrid Cloud (NHC) and introduces Platform as a Service (PaaS) along with its architecture and components and describes how such a model is effective in application development for many of the most powerful companies in the IT industry.
Security of IoT: Challenges,Concern, and SolutionsOpenRakshith RThis article explores security challenges, security concerns, and privacy considerations that arise with Internet of Things technology, and what can and should be done to protect from being attacked by hackers.
Preliminaries Of Data ScienceBig DataVinay Kothamasi
Manager 1,
SE Analyst,
Dell EMC

Aroun Kesavaraj

Senior SE Analyst
This article discusses fundamentals of data science including methods to formalize the data science process, probability and statistics, data cleansing and manipulation, and data visualization and hypothesis testing. A sample case study concludes the article.
NovemberExploratory Data Analysis – Playing with the DataBig Data

Shreegowri M B

SE Analyst
Dell EMC

This article examines exploratory data analysis (EDA) and how it is used in Big Data Analytics. Also discussed are methods for EDA and how those techniques are used to summarize the data to discover insights from the data sets.
Software-defined Hyperconvergence through DevOpsOpenRavi Kumar Sriramulu

Senior Advisor,

SE Analyst

Dell EMC



Sriram Chandrasekar

Senior Advisor,

SE Analyst

Dell EMC

This article describes how Dell EMC's Hyperconverged platform and DevOps' Continuous Delivery approach can help organizations deliver quality services to their customers in less time - enabling organizations more time to innovate and serve their customers better.
Using News Articles to Predict Stock Price ReturnsBig DataRicardo Herrmann,
Luciano Tozato,
Rodrigo Togneri,
Wei Lin
This article outlines a proposal to predict the changes in stock market prices from both structured (stock price time series) and unstructured (news articles) data. Both soiurces of information combined are analyzed so that the combined approach can be compared to the purely quantitative approach and understand the relationship between news' inferred sentiments and the prices of stocks they refer to.
Artificial Intelligence To Redefine BusinessOpen

Raksha Nayak

Software Engineer

Dell EMC

This article describes how, by relying on Artificial intelligence, retailers can employ in-depth techniques to gain a deep understanding of consumers and their buying trends through sources such as social media, browsing habits and purchase history, can maximize customers’ spending , encourage customer loyalty and gain enormous values.
DecemberCentral Traffic Management PlatformBig DataPriya Chandramohan
Software Principal Engineer
Dell EMC
Savitha Bijoy
Software Principal Engineer
Dell EMC

Shwetha Ravoor

Software Principal Engineer
Dell EMC
This article discusses various existing road traffic management solutions and an approach to create a smart Centralized Traffic Management Platform (CTMP) by combining existing and new technology.
IoT - Healer for the Homecare Health ServicesOpenRavikant Kannur
Sr. Advisor, SE Analyst 
Dell EMC – Presales Solution Services
This article discusses the needs, benefits, and effective ways of implementing IoT technology by homecare services providers. Topics include major challenges faced by homecare service providers, how IoT is an inevitable business solution for them, IoT solutions offered by Dell Technologies,  and case studies explaining IoT implementation in the homecare industry.
Managing Unity Arrays with New Generation ToolsCore Tech (Avamar, NW, DD, DPA, SourceOne)Samuel Thomas


Vijayakumar Ravindran
This article deals with the utilization of PowerShell modules to manage Unity arrays and VSA using REST API. Unity VSA is used in the experiment to illustrate key research findings, with the ultimate goal of managing Unity arrays using PowerShell modules.
Image Analytics To Detect Green VegetationOpenSrinivasan Sivaramakrishnan
Data Scientist, Big Data Transformation 
Dell EMC | Professional Services
Jose Cassio dos Santos,
Data Scientist
Diego Gallo
Data Scientist, Application and Big Data Transformation 
Dell EMC Services

Wei Lin

Sr. Manager and Chief Data Scientist
Application and Big Data Transformation
Dell EMC Services
Image Analytics focuses on leveraging data science techniques to effectively detect changes between two images which are generally not possible with a naked eye. This article details how Image Analytics will help climate and environmental scientists carry out green land degradation warnings more effectively.
JanuaryData Warehouse Modernization with Big DataBig DataJulio Pereira,
Ricardo Sugawara,
Juliano Carniel
Putting in place a datalake where source data will land and a sandbox to business users can minimize complexity and costs. This article draws attention to the concerns around Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) for data transformation software vendors to address and provide insight into the alternatives to ETL today.
Data Domain Cloud Tier For Modernized Data CenterCore Tech (Avamar, NW, DD, DPA, SourceOne)Manasa M and
This article explores the cloud migration process of moving an organization’s onsite business components to the cloud or from one cloud to another.  The article offers a synopsis of Data Domain cloud tier features along with use cases, supported systems, replication methodologies, and Data Domain cloud tier policies that enable customers to pay less for cloud storage.
Counting Sheep in the DatacentreBig DataFaisal ChoudryCloud robotics focuses on robots using technologies within the cloud for access to computational, storage and communication resources. This article discusses in greater detail and by way of practical demonstration, how a robot can utilize cloud computing to process and execute tasks.
Analytics Driven Smart Community FrameworkOpen

Wei Lin,
Josh Siegel,
William Schmarzo,
Albert Turano

This article discusses a minimum viable IoT analytics framework to establish a proof of value (POV) laboratory. A transportation scenario is presented to showcase the implications of IoT and discuss a work-in-progress demonstration and its setup to be deployed in a POV lab.
FebruaryJourney From Dockers To KubernetesOpenEshwar ChandraThis article focuses on container technology and how it's emerging as an important part of the cloud computing infrastructure. It looks at Docker, an open source project that automates the faster deployment of Linux applications, and Kubernetes, an open source cluster manager for Docker containers.
NetWorker integration a world of surprisesCore Tech (Avamar, NW, DD, DPA, SourceOne)Mohamed Sohail and DagThis article offers a roadmap toward NetWorker integration that is easy for customers and community experts to understand.
Movement Analytics: Concepts and OpportunitiesBig Data

Paulo Salem,
Anthony Dutra,

Grayson Vanderlinde, and
Wei Lin

The technology to measure and influence movement is already available, and yet our theoretical understanding is just beginning. This article will help the reader gain a better understanding of movement analytics and, in this way, be better positioned for further and deeper explorations.
Data Visualization – Thinking With Your EyesBig DataKavyashree H V,
Ramachandra Thejasvi,
Shwetabh Srijan
Data visualization is a general technique of using graphs/maps to display trends, patterns and exceptions in data to uncover the underlying information. This article discusses the significance of data visualization, different forms/techniques of visualizations, when to use what, and how to arrive at the choice.
MarchIT Infrastructure EndgameOpenRavi Kumar SriramuluThis articles explores the charecteristics of an open infrastructure platform defined by software, which can take various forms and shapes at the click of a button, can scale rapidly to meet demands, supports various platforms, consumes less resources to manage/provision and is designed as a lights-out environment.
Customer Prospecting for a Biotech CompanyBig DataTony Ku,
Fernanda Campello DeSouza,
Marie Breton,
Wei Lin
This article describes the development of an analytical framework for biotech customer identification and prospecting that makes use of publicly available information.
Cloud driveCloud OpenSuhas BK,
Sudeep Mathew,
Krishna Gudipudi
Normally a Storage Array constitutes of 3 Drive types – Flash, SAS, NL-SAS. This paper describe how a new tier (Cloud) can be provided to already constructed storage pools by adding a new drive which helps to tier the coldest data to Cloud. On Unity VSA it can be achieved with the help of LX Fusion Driver.
R-Tree & Its Variants In Spatial AnalysisBig DataRaksha NayakR-Tree (Rectangle-tree) has undergone numerous experiments and modifications over the years to make it more efficient, resulting in a number of variants such as R* tree, R+ tree, and Priority & Hilbert R-Tree. This article provides detailed Rectangle-tree (R-Tree) and variants’ data structures, their efficiency study and in depth understanding of how they can be applied to the real world.
AprilSpintronic Memories: A Revolution To Data StorageOpenDuniya Dechamma K NThis article provides insight to how Spin Transistors can be used to create Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory (MRAM) which will be Non-Volatile. The article highlights how chips built out of spin transistors would be faster and more powerful than traditional transistors.
The Internet of Things and Us | How to Sustain our DomainOpenPaul Brant and
Josh Lavnder
This article discusses the technologies, infrastructure requirements, processes and approaches in making the world a better and safer place. It describes how the world will benefit from combining security, trust and communication going beyond IoT to enable sustainable growth and longevity.
Demystifying Software Defined DatacentreCloud Open/OpenAnuj SharmaThis article discusses a recommended approach to transforming and building a software-defined data center (SDDC), focusing on the analysis and thought process required when choosing SDDC components. Best practices for various layers and topology of SDDC are also included.