2017 Knowledge Sharing Articles


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2017 Winning Articles
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2017 Competition First Place Winner
Containers: IT Management and Operation Aspects
Mikhail Gloukhovtsev
Sr. Solutions Architect
Orange Business Services

This article reviews possible solutions for the challenges IT operations teams face when adopting containerized applications along with other aspects of container management and operation support. The article presents an IT management and operation practitioner view that will help readers in using container technologies for their businesses.

2017 Competition Second Place Winner
The Blockchain Opportunity: Last Call

Carlos Freire
Account Systems Engineer
Dell EMC


Luiz Pissinatti
Account Executive
Dell EMC

This article lists actionable steps that individuals and organizations might want follow to take advantage of the Blockchain opportunity. Interesting use cases – smart contracts, distributed cloud storage, electronic voting, among others – are presented, preceded by a brief technical introduction to blockchain itself, a quick history of its unconventional beginnings and current development.

2017 Competition Third Place Winner
Data's Value: Digital Transformation's Dirty Secret
Steve Todd
Dell Technologies Fellow
Dell EMC

This article highlights "Five Steps to Data Value" that will result in new business processes and IT touch points that enable knowing how to establish the purchase price of a data set and which data sets are "most monetizable", how to create new data products and services, and establishing the value of analytic models that, when implemented, will greatly increase an organization’s ability to monetize their data.

Best of Applied Data Analytics
Medical Image Recognition Using Deep Learning
Ronaldo Lopes
Data Scientist
Dell EMC

Mauro Damo
Data Scientist
Dell EMC

William Schneider
Data Scientist
Dell EMC

Wei Lin
Chief Data Scientist
Dell EMC

This article reviews Computer Aided Tumor diagnosis methods using Deep Learning techniques, use of these techniques in a study over a dataset of human body images; and application of the mentioned machine learning techniques using open source tools.

Best of Emerging Technology
Transforming Lives through Augmented Reality
Mohammed Hashim
Senior Architect,
Digital Engineering
Brillio Technologies

This article discusses market trends, fundamentals and working of Augmented reality (AR) and Milgram’s Reality-Virtuality Continuum. Further, it guides enterprises for adopting AR into mainstream business, catalysts and challenges and solution implementation with Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA).