Dell EMC Networking Announces New Open Networking Data Center and Campus Switches

The networking industry is undergoing significant change and disruption, and Dell EMC is leading the way. A few years back, we challenged the status quo with our Open Networking initiative, breaking the proprietary links between networking hardware and software. This opened the doors to a whole new market for networking hardware and software, granting enterprise and service providers more choice and capability than ever before.

Today, we continue to lead the industry with the announcement of new high-performance switching platforms and a new release of our Linux-based network operating system OS10.  For the data center, the new S5148F-ON switch is our first 25G top-of-rack open networking switch as part the “Better Together” story with new Dell EMC 14G servers offering 25G in-rack connectivity capabilities.  This new switch is ideal for cloud and web-scale customers looking to maximize application and service performance both within the rack and taking advantage of 100GbE uplinks across the fabric interconnect.   The new S4100-ON series is our latest family of multi-functional top-of-rack data center open networking switches optimized for high densities of 10G fiber/copper or FC8/16/32 server and storage connectivity within racks and high-performance 100GbE uplink ports for demanding data center environments.

The new N1100-ON series continues the expansion of Dell EMC’s Open Networking offerings into the campus with a new family of energy-efficient and cost-effective N-Series 1100-ON switches.  These new switch offerings include 1/2RU and 1RU form factors and PoE and non-POE versions in a range of port configurations from 10/100/1000Mbps to 1/10GbE.

Dell EMC Networking is also announcing its OS10 Enterprise Edition software which is a next generation modular and programmable Network Operating System designed for traditional networking infrastructures as well as new age DevOps environments.  OS10 Enterprise Edition used an unmodified Linux kernel and distribution and provides scalable layer 2/3 Ethernet switching with a full complement of standards-based IPv4 and IPv6 features, and an open and programmable management interface.

Dell EMC Networking solutions can help your organization – regardless of size – to derive the full value out of your networking investments. We offer proven end-to-end solutions, comprehensive global services, and a vision that sets the pace in a rapidly changing industry. Find out how we can help you and your network.

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