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Our EMEA Webcasts are a great way to  learn about tech trends from the comfort of your desk and ask questions online!  Please register for the live sessions, which will be recorded and also available on demand:









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A high-level walk through of the landscape of Analytics with use-cases, moving from Past or Batch Analytics to the present and future or Predictive Analytics. We will talk about the industry trends that are fueling this change with the backdrop of the technological challenges and innovations that are rising up to meet these trends.


And where does Hortonworks & Dell EMC sit in this continuum and how we can work jointly to enable our customers.






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Unlocking the power of IP with Virtualization, Collaboration and Security



At IBC 2017, we saw technology and media companies in the midst of two important shifts in technology - moving from SDI to IP and, arguably more importantly, from hardware to software and virtualisation.

The evolution to IP networks’ replacement of SDI is itself moving in multiple phases. But it’s not just this that we have to consider; enterprise IT infrastructure and workflow tools are getting a workout too.

To accommodate the demands of global collaborative media production and post-production, enterprise data centre operations and provisioning tools for workflow automation and orchestration are becoming best practices in knitting all this complexity together.

Please join our panel of industry experts including Thomas Burns, Field CTO for Media & Entertainment, Dell and Rob O’Brien, Senior Application Manager, ITV Studios as we explore these seismic shifts and discuss:

  • AI-based metadata extraction from media archives
  • Telco 5G re-architecture encouraging adoption of SDN  & NFV by media companies
  • Distributed file – object workflows for collaborative content production
  • Financial modelling tools to calculate the costs of moving data in the pipeline
  • Orchestration layer and “service bus” –based workflow management tools
  • Media functions virtualised using FPGAs vs. GPUs
  • “Build vs. Buy” OTT strategies for linear broadcasters
  • Content Security esp. with IP networks carrying premium content
  • HDR for gaming vs. broadcast vs. cinema

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The automotive industry is entering a new, highly competitive, transitional period where demand for new conveniences, safety capabilities and selling models are driving dramatic change. At the forefront is Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) development, which itself is introducing disruptive requirements on engineering IT Infrastructure – particularly storage, where even entry-level capacities are measured in petabytes.


In this webinar you will hear how market-leading automotive OEMs and suppliers are deploying and managing ADAS development infrastructure with an eye toward reducing time-to-market, risk and cost.


Webcast should be of particular value to IT professionals, ADAS development managers, General managers and R&D VPs and directors

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Cloud, Cloud, Cloud..so many choices, so many decisions to make, where do you even begin? Private, Public, Hybrid, Multi… how do you implement the right cloud strategy and approach that works for both IT and the Business?


This month on Tech food fight we will be discussing how to choose a cloud operating model based on a set of simple guiding principles to help you make the correct decision. The right operating approach can drive organisations to become more competitive and user centric in everyday business.


Join Alan and Paul with special guest Joe Baguley, CTO VMware EMEA, in the next Tech Food Fight show, as they discuss this topic with a healthy mix of business and IT points of view coming together.


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To be competitive in today’s increasingly digital economy requires creating seamless, frictionless customer experiences and changing the way organizations serve and interact with their end users. But when and where to start?

Join us and discover, based on an ESG survey,  why IT transformation is key to unlocking opportunities by helping organizations gain better control of the costs and complexities of operating IT resources. You will understand where our organization stand on the ESG IT Transformation Maturity Index we have created and Discover the 3-phases transformation process of your IT.


PRESENTED BY: Sebastien Verger, CTO Dell EMC France and  Denis Montillet. EMEA Marketing






How We Improved the #1 Scale-Out NAS Platform

Dell EMC Isilon, the #1 Scale-Out NAS platform, continues to transform the way organizations are deploying, protecting and managing their fast growing unstructured data. 

This webcast will be presented by Dr. Stefan Radtke, CTO, Unstructured Data and Analytics. Stefan will introduce the new generation of Isilon Scale-Out NAS family with a deep dive into the new architecture and takes a closer look at the 6 new Isilon systems, powered by OneFS 8.1.




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Are you confident that your All-Flash Array is designed for resiliency and availability?  Discover why implementing Flash Arrays improves service levels and lowers TCO for your business critical applications such as Oracle, SAP and VMware. In this webcast, we’ll dive into how Dell EMC VMAX All Flash provides unparalleled availability with an architecture designed for your most demanding environments.

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IT is undergoing rapid transformation and its expected contributions to the organization’s strategy are ever-increasing. In order to provide the foundation needed to enable these changes, you must modernize your infrastructure. But where to start?


Join us as we help you to understand where your organization falls on the IT Transformation Maturity Index. Discover the 3-phase transformation process of your IT and understand why the IT transformation journey begins with a modern data center, made up of Flash storage, the fastest, most assured way to modernize your infrastructure.

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May 16 – WATCH NOW

Welcome to the first session in our Tech food fight (TFF) webcast series on Convergence and Hyper-convergence. TFF is a short 20-30min webcast series suitable both for Audio and Video format for you as a participant. The goal with the series is to explore different areas of the Converged and Hyper-converged universe and the key “Food for Thought” to consider for you as a customer.


In the first session we will cover 3 questions within Technology trends

1. Tech trends – What are we seeing out there, what are the analysts talking about and what’s happening in the industry in general

2. This month’s tech food fight is one of the big ones out there – aligned to industry tech trends – Hyper-converged infrastructure

3. How to get started – what steps should you take if you are considering this month’s tech food fight!



May 18 – WATCH NOW

The video surveillance market continues to see robust growth, with organizations and governments requiring to deter, protect, prosecute and predict with their CCTV systems.


Body cameras, as an example are starting to be widely implemented, from places of work with signs ‘it is against the law to insult a staff member’ to police officers roaming the street. Independent studies prove that body worn cameras will reduce complaints, reduce the need for the use of force, and provide incontrovertible evidentiary video - Cameras change behaviour.


Pelco & Dell EMCs skill-set and qualifications are helping many customers in the Video Surveillance space, centralize data from hundreds to thousands of cameras, static, body-worn or vehicle mounted. 


Join the webcast to learn;

- Video Surveillance Market

- Customer concerns with technology migration

- How Pelco & Dell EMC solutions are solving Customer requirements

- Customer Success Stories


Gain the ability to simply Store, Manage, Protect & Analysis petabytes of CCTV data

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May 18 – WATCH NOW

According to the Global Data Protection Index Survey, more than 51% of the organizations are not fully confident their data stored in the cloud is protected against deletion and corruption.


Storing backup data in the cloud may also generate multiple hidden fees as well as raise concerns regarding service levels, availability, and control.


Join MarkGalpin for our webinar on May 18 to learn how Dell EMC is helping organizations to build a cost-effective data protection strategy for the cloud environments, including:

· Highly efficient and secure backups to and within the cloud

· Cost-effective data protection of enterprise applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure

· Natively tiered de-duplicated data sent directly to the cloud platforms, providing significantly lower TCO





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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law effective on 25th May 2018 that establishes a single set of rules for every European Union (EU) Member State to protect personal data of an EU subject. Join our live webinar to learn how Dell EMC can help support our customers get ready for their GDPR compliance initiatives, including a broad portfolio of Dell EMC products, solutions and services.

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Watch now

Today enterprises manage hundreds of virtual machines that need to be protected. With Dell EMC Avamar Dynamic Policies you can easily keep up with the growth of your VMware environments and ensure the appropriate policies are automatically assigned to any VM with certain attributes or tags.

Join our live webinar presented by Daniel Olkowski, Solution Engineer Dell EMC Data Protection Solutions to learn how to make your life easier with fully automated VM’s backup.