Who are the Dell EMC Elect of 2017?

A merger of the EMC Elect and Dell Tech Centre Rockstar Programs, The Dell EMC Elect becomes the new program for recognition of Dell EMC's advocates.

We believe it continues to represent, in the spirit of its predecessors, an incredibly successful and highly coveted oppurtunity for its members. Those recognised receive exclusive access and can call themselves Dell EMC Elect in appreciation for their contribution to the Dell EMC Community.


Nominations came in from far and wide, and our Dell EMC Elect Founders had a laborious task to judge the nominees. It was hard to decide, such was the caliber of the nominations put forward. However in the end it was done, the nominations were counted and evaluated. And on the 29th of March, 2017, 2 days later than planned, Such were the intense deliberations, "internet white smoke" has been seen from the Founders virtual enclave and the Dell EMC Elect of 2017 have been declared.


There were 600 illustrious nominations, leading to 300 finalists. Of those finalists, under tough and at times contentious debate the Dell EMC Elect number 153 for 2017, listed in alphabetical order below.



Dell EMC Elect 2017
NameSocial Handle
A.J. Bergeronhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/aj-bergeron-8b66745
Aaron BuleyAaron Buley    (@aaronbuley) | Twitter
Alan TullyAlan Tully (@AlanTully) | Twitter
Alastair CookAlastair Cooke (@DemitasseNZ) | Twitter
Allen Ward    (Founder)Allen Ward (@AllenFWard) | Twitter
Alvaro DE AndresAlvaro de Andres (@aldago41) | Twitter
Amit PanchalAmit Panchal (@amitpanchal76) | Twitter
Arjan TimmermanArjan Timmerman (@Arjantim) | Twitter
Ashok BhojwaniAshok Bhojwani (@abhojwani) | Twitter
Ben KingBen King (@BenKing84) | Twitter
BillMcGloin     (Founder)Bill McGloin (@billmcgloin) | Twitter
Brian Viennau (Founder)Brian Vienneau (@bvTechie) | Twitter
Brent PiattiBrent M. Piatti (@BrentPiatti) | Twitter
Brett SinclairBrett Sinclair (@Pragmatic_IO) | Twitter
Brian Carpenter (Founder)Brian Carpenter (@intheDC) | Twitter
Brian KirschBrian Kirsch (@bckirsch) | Twitter
Brian O'ConnellBrian O'Connell (@LifeOfBrianOC) | Twitter
Bryan KrausenBryan Krausen (@btkrausen) | Twitter
Chad SakacChad Sakac (@sakacc) | Twitter
Christian MohnChristian Mohn™ (@h0bbel) | Twitter
Christopher KusekChristopher Kusek (@cxi) | Twitter
Cliff CahillCliff Cahill (@cliffcahill) | Twitter
Conrad RamosConrad Ramos (@vNoob) | Twitter
Cory MintonCory Minton (@Cory_Minton) | Twitter
Damian KarlsonDamian Karlson (@sixfootdad) | Twitter
Dan Frith   (Founder)dan frith (@penguinpunk) | Twitter
Dan McKenneyDan McKenney (@dmckenney1) | Twitter
David AmbrosinDavid Ambrosin (@DavidAmbro) | Twitter
David McCoyDavid McCoy (@mccoydc99) | Twitter
David MueggeDavid Muegge (@dmuegge) | Twitter
David RingDavid Ring (@DavidCRing) | Twitter
Dinko ErorDinko Eror (@DinkoEror) | Twitter
Dmitri ChenDmitri Chen (@88_dmitri) | Twitter
Douglas BrownDouglas A Brown   (@douglasabrown) | Twitter
Ed WalshEd Walsh (@vEddieW) | Twitter
Emad YounisEmad Younis (@emad_younis) | Twitter
Emmanuel BernardEmmanuel BERNARD (@_ebernard) | Twitter
Erin BanksErin K. Banks (@banksek) | Twitter
Erwan QuélinErwan Quélin (@erwanquelin) | Twitter
Fabio ChiodiniFabio Chiodini (@FabioChiodini) | Twitter
Gina MinksGina Minks (@gminks) | Twitter
Go YahataTBD
Gobind VijayakumarGobind Vijayakumar (@GobindVAtDell) | Twitter
Henrik WagnerHenrik Wagner (@henrikwagner73) | Twitter
Howard MarksHoward Marks (@DeepStorageNet) | Twitter
Hrvoje CrvelinHrvoje Crvelin (@hcrvelin) | Twitter
Ian AndersonIan Anderson (@ionthegeek) | Twitter
Itzik ReichItzik Reich (@itzikr) | Twitter
James BowlingJames Bowling (@vSential) | Twitter
James HoTBD
Jase McCartyJase McCarty (@jasemccarty) | Twitter
Jason BrownJason Brown (@FelixNU98) | Twitter
Jason NashJason Nash (@TheJasonNash) | Twitter
Jerry Gamblin  (Founder)Jerry Gamblin (@JGamblin) | Twitter
Jerry PezzinoJerry W. Pezzino (@jerrypezzino) | Twitter
Joachim WorfJo Worf (@joworf) | Twitter
John ArrasjidJohn Arrasjid (@vcdx001) | Twitter
Jon KlausJon Klaus (@JonKlaus) | Twitter
Jonas RoslandJonas Rosland (@jonasrosland) | Twitter
Jonathan BrooksTBD
Jonathan, FrappierJonathan Frappier (@jfrappier) | Twitter
Josh CoenJosh Coen (@joshcoen) | Twitter
Karsten BottKarsten Bott (@azurestack_guy) | Twitter
Ken GouldKen Gould (@feardamhan) | Twitter
Ken SaulKenSaul (@kensaul) | Twitter
Kendrick Colemankendrick coleman (@KendrickColeman) | Twitter
Kevin Elderhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-elder-83218516
Koichi TachimotoTBD
Kyle JennerKyle Jenner (@kylejenneruk) | Twitter
Kyle PrinsKyle Prins (@KylePrins) | Twitter
Kyle RuddyKyle Ruddy (@kmruddy) | Twitter
Lauren Malhoit (Emeritus) LaurenMalhoit (@malhoit) | Twitter
Mainak RoyMainak Roy (@mainakroy9) | Twitter
Manfred HoferFred Hofer (@Fred_vBrain) | Twitter
Manish PatelM@n1$h (@Mandivs) | Twitter
Marc O'ReganMarc O'Regan (@reddogmarc) | Twitter
Marco GalantiMarco Galanti (@MarcoGalants) | Twitter
Marco van BaggumMarco van Baggum (@vMBaggum) | Twitter
Mark May  (Founder)Mark May (@cincystorage) | Twitter
Matt CowgerMatt Cowger (@mcowger) | Twitter
Matt LiebowitzMatt Liebowitz (@mattliebowitz) | Twitter
Matt Schneider   (Founder)Matt Schneider (@md_schneider) | Twitter
Matthew CooneyMatthew Cooney (@MatthewCooney) | Twitter
Melissa GurneyMelissa Gurney (@SolutionGeek) | Twitter
Michael Davis  (Founder)Tweets with replies by Michael Davis (@Michael_EDavis) | Twitter
Michael Dell (Emeritus)Michael Dell (@MichaelDell) | Twitter
Michael Leeper  (Founder)https://www.linkedin.com/in/mleeper/
Michael StancliftMichael Stanclift (@vmstan) | Twitter
Mike EllisMike Ellis (@v2Mike) | Twitter
Mike OrthMike Orth (@MikeOrthAtDell) | Twitter
Mike Preston

Mike Preston (@mwpreston) | Twitter

Mohamed SohailMohamed Sohail (@Mohamed_Sohail) | Twitter
Moin MansuriMoin Mansuri (@MoinMansuri31) | Twitter
Miho Naozumi Miho Naozumi (@MihoNaozumi) | Twitter
Nate Becknateb72 (@nateb72) | Twitter
Nigel MoultonNigel Moulton (@nigelmou) | Twitter
Pete KoehlerPete Koehler (@vmpete) | Twitter
Peter ChangTBD
Preston de GuisePreston de Guise (@backupbear) | Twitter
Rahul SarangdharTBD
Raphael Meeyerowitz  (Founder)Raphael Meyerowitz (@raphmeyer) | Twitter
Rasmus Haslund        (Founder)Rasmus Haslund (@haslund) | Twitter
Raymundo Escobar+vRay (@elnemesisdivina) | Twitter
René van den BedemRené van den Bedem (@vcdx133) | Twitter
Richard WhiteRichard White (@VxRaptor) | Twitter
Rick SchererRick Scherer (@rick_scherer) | Twitter
Rob Koper  (Founder)Rob Koper (@50mu) | Twitter
Rob PeglarRob Peglar (@peglarr) | Twitter
Rob SteeleRob Steele (@RobSteele) | Twitter
Robert ElwertowskiBob Elwertowski (@BElwertowski) | Twitter
Robert HoutRobert Hout (@rob_hout) | Twitter
Rodrigo GazzaneoRodrigo Gazzaneo (@vGazza) | Twitter
Roger LundRoger Lund (vExpert) (@rogerlund) | Twitter
Roy MikesRoy Mikes (@teovmy) | Twitter
Ruud MulderRuud Mulder (@Ruud_Mulder79) | Twitter
Sam Lucidosam_lucido (@sam_lucido) | Twitter
Sam MarracciniSam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini) | Twitter
Samuel ShouseSam Shouse (@Kraytos) | Twitter
Sarah Vela   (Founder)Sarah Vela (@orchid8) | Twitter
Saurabh Kumarhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/saurabh-kumar-993bb68/
Scott Delandyscott delandy (@scottdelandy) | Twitter
Scott PowersScott Powers (@CloudsAreGo) | Twitter
Sergey Kamenetskiydynamox (@dynamoxxx) | Twitter
Shivendra KatiyarTBD
Sonia CuffSonia Cuff (@Cuff_S) | Twitter
Stephan MichardStephan Michard (@StephanMichard) | Twitter
Stephane MarconTBD
Stephen O'HerlihySteve OHerlihy (@vmsteve) | Twitter
Steve MackaySteve Mackay (@tebe155) | Twitter
Steve MassmanSteve Massman (@SteveMassman) | Twitter
Sudhir BalasubramanianTBD
Suhela DigheSuhela Dighe (@suzyspaatz) | Twitter
Sylvie SollodSylvie Otten (Sollod (@sylvie75015) | Twitter
Takahiro Kikuchiごぼうっち@ストレージおじさん (@goboucchi) | Twitter
Theresa MillerTheresa Miller (@24x7ITConnect) | Twitter
Tim Antonowicz   (Founder)Tim Antonowicz (@timantz) | Twitter
Tim GleedTim Gleed (@timgleed) | Twitter
Tim JabautTim Jabaut (@vmcutlip) | Twitter
Tom Bright IIITBD
Tom Heskestad  (Founder)Tom Heskestad (@hypervfan) | Twitter
Tommy Trogden   (Founder)Tommy vTexan Trogden (@vTexan) | Twitter
Tomonori IshitsukaIshitsuka Tomonori (@norick_nw) | Twitter
Tony FosterTony Foster (@wonder_nerd) | Twitter
Tony PittmanTony Pittman (@pittmantony) | Twitter
Toshiki TagawaTBD
Townsend KeithKeith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor) | Twitter
Vaishak NairTBD
Victor Forde  (Founder)Victor Forde (@victorforde) | Twitter
Victor WuVictor Wu (@umacboyvictor) | Twitter
Vipin V.KVipin V.K (@vipinvk111) | Twitter
Vuong PhamVuong Pham (@digital_kungfu) | Twitter
William HuberWill Huber (@huberw) | Twitter
Yuki Kawamitsuyuki (@yuki_kawamitsu) | Twitter
Yves SandfortYves Sandfort (@yvessandfort) | Twitter