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There’s always something exciting going on with VxRail, and the Xpert Crew is here to keep you plugged in. This catalog of videos contains everything you need to know to become a VxRail Xpert in your own right.


So click around, and stay a while. And be sure to check back frequently, as we are always working on new content.


TopicDescriptionLinkDate Published
Drive Failure

How to: Protect your data

through drive failures with VxRail

VxRail Protects Your Data Through Drive Failures - YouTubeJan 17, 2017
Adding a new node

How to: Scale out your VxRail cluster in just 5 minutes

Scale out your VxRail cluster in 5 minutes - YouTubeFeb 2, 2017
Software update

How to: Upgrade to VxRail 4.0 with one click

Upgrade to VxRail 4.0 with One Click. - YouTubeFeb 17, 2017
Software update

A fun demonstration of just how easy VxRail’s Internet Upgrade feature is

Go Ahead and Click It - YouTubeFeb 17, 2017
Scale out

A fun video to remind us that not all HCI solutions can scale out as simply as VxRail

VxRail: lvlup byo? smh... - YouTubeFeb 27, 2017

How to: Ensure the smoothest and fastest VxRail deployment possible with these tips

Welcome to VxRail - YouTubeMar 16, 2017
UnboxingHow to: Unbox, rack, and connect a new VxRail Appliance– the Xpert wayUnboxing VxRail - YouTubeApr 13, 2017

A fun video that reminds us how simple VxRail's single point of global 24x7 HW and SW support is for our customers

Help! You know I need someONE - YouTubeJun 29, 2017
Join the CrewAre you ready to be a VxRail Xpert? Now is your chance to join the Xpert crew!The Xpert Crew Wants You - YouTubeAug 10, 2017
VxRail overview

In this interactive overview of VxRail, you're in the driver's seat. Choose the subjects that matter most to you, and learn about how VxRail can make a real difference for your business.

Dell EMC VxRail Interactive OverviewAug 26, 2017

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