Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud: Incorrect vcpu allocation data in vROPS reports and views


Federation End User Computing Solution for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud



Customer seeing the metric CPU|Allocation|Capacity Remaining Value (vCPU(s  not populating any data for the Object Type Host System.


This was only occurring on the one of the customer's cluster. They had 2 hosts that are not populating any metrics for vcpu allocation remaining capacity.We have tried restarting the vROPS appliance, but that did not resolve the issue.




The confusion stemmed from the fact that we were running the view against the cluster level. They had to drill down further to hosts level view and enable the vCPU capacity from there to be able to see metrics. Once that was done, the issue was resolved. Data began to populate for the individual host eventually.


For a detailed resolution please refer to DELL EMC Support Solution 480630 https://support.emc.com/kb/480630