FEHC: BaaS: Backup workflows are failing with error "Identity file not found"


Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.1



Customer is attempting to run  an "On-Demand Backup" of a VM from the vRA catalog and the workflow failed with the error:


Error in getting backup points: Unable to execute command InternalError: Identity file not found ! (Dynamic Script Module name : runSSHcommand#8)




In order for vCO to be able to send MCCLI commands to the Avamar server, it needs first to register it's public SSH key on the Avamar host. The error "Identity file not found" indicates that the above step has not been completed

Need to perform the following to resolve this issue

1. Log into the vCO client as ehc_sysadmin (or equivilent account)

2. Run "Generate Key Pair" WF - use the SSH Passphrase that waas used when Node1 was deployed (If this is not recorded anywhere, please open a ticket with FEHC-EE)

3. Run "Register vCO Public Key" WF and use the Avamar server FQDN and root user/password.

4. Repeat step 3 for all Avamar servers in the environment

5. Run the TestAvamar WF to verify that all Avamar servers will now accept SSH commands from vCO.


For a detailed step by step resolution please refer to DELL EMC Support Solution 479107 https://support.emc.com/kb/479107