How do I re-adopt a service in Service Adoption Utility (SAU) after the customer has made a change outside UIM/P and the adoption has failed





Customer has made a change to the service profile under UCS and now would like to re-adopt the service using the Service Adoption Utility (SAU).





The customers database has been loaded locally in a lab environment for verification and configuration items are known prior to running through this procedure.To re-adopt the service using the Service Adoption Utility (SAU)a set of procedure needs to be executed.

  1. The database is backed up on a regular basis, but to be sure you have a current backup.
  2. Launch the SAU utility – https://<UIM_IP>/slm/sau
  3. Go into the UI and Click on the Service Planning tab
  4. Go back to SAU and click on Next and Find Services
  5. Select the isolation Zone proper for the environment
  6. All the servers (#2c above) should be part of the Adoption - Next
  7. Discovery in Progress Screen takes a while – once complete, click on Next
  8. Select Services for Adoption – at the bottom fill in the following information
  9. Adoption Succeeded – Right Click Launch UIM/P – open link in a new tab
  10. Service Planning tab will show the old service offering <original name> and the new one <original name>_NEW
  11. Service Management tab will show the service name <original name> with activation status = Active and Status = Pending
  12. Click on the *_NEW service offering – click on edit


For a detailed step by step resolution please refer to DELL EMC Support Solution 478355