Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Red Hat  OpenStack - New Release v6.0.1

The Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Red Hat OpenStack has been updated to Version 6.0.1.  This solution was previously known as the Dell Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Solution. The Ready Bundle is jointly engineered and fully validated by Dell EMC and Red Hat, and provides a flexible hardware configuration that enables a highly scalable, open, flexible, and cost-effective OpenStack IaaS cloud based on Red Hat OpenStack Platform (OSP) 9, the Mitaka OpenStack release.


This solution is designed for mainstream enterprise customers, as well as leading-edge development organizations. A full library of architecture guides, technical best practice guides, and deployment guides is available on the OpenStack page at Dell TechCenter, a partner community to this EMC community. The main Architecture Guide is available here, but please visit the TechCenter Site for the full library and additional information. (You may need to create a separate community account.)


The release 6.0.1 includes several important capabilities along with updates to the associated Tech Guides. This release supports:

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, with Docker and Kubernetes, for cloud native application development and management, running OpenShift on OpenStack.
  • Red Hat CloudForms, a hybrid cloud management platform, for self-service portal and service catalog functions, automated provisioning, workload lifecycle management, policy and governance,  and cost allocation and chargeback capabilities.
  • PaaS Integration, with a best practice tech guide for integrating OpenShift with CloudForms, to offer containerized application deployments via a self-service portal.


This Ready Bundle is available with joint deployment services from Dell EMC and Red Hat.  For customers who choose to self-install, we have now published a set of deployment guides that cover both hardware and software and include automation scripts developed and validated by Dell EMC. Also new with this release is an automated, in-place update and upgrade procedure, a developer’s reference architecture on a single node, and a new chargeback guide based on CloudForms.


The Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Red Hat OpenStack is a fully validated solution on the Dell EMC build-to-buy continuum.

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