ECS 3.1 Product Documentation

See this page for ECS 3.0 documentation.

Software documentation (for ECS Appliance and ECS Software environments)

New Features and Changes

Provides a summary of new features and changes in ECS 3.0 and later.

Administration Guide

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Supports the initial configuration and ongoing management of ECS.

Monitoring Guide

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Supports the monitoring of ECS on a day-to-day basis.

Data Access Guide

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Describes the protocols supported by ECS for end-user access to ECS object storage: Amazon S3, EMC Atmos, OpenStack Swift, and the Centera (CAS) object APIs, and introduces the ECS Management API.

REST API Reference

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Describes the APIs you can use to configure, manage, and monitor ECS. Provides reference information for the ECS Management APIs as well as supported ECS Object Services for Amazon S3, EMC Atmos, and OpenStack Swift.

Release Notes


Describes new features, known and fixed problems, and other supplemental information.

Security Configuration Guide


Provides an overview of configuration, deployment, and usage settings needed to ensure secure operation.

Overview and Architecture White Paper

Provides an in-depth overview of ECS architecture.

CLI Installation and Configuration Guide

Provides instructions for installing and configuring the ECS CLI utility.

Hardware documentation

Hardware Guide

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Describes supported hardware configurations, upgrade paths, and rack cabling requirements.
40U-D Cabinet Site Unpacking and Setup Guidepdf
Contains information about unpacking and setting up your 40U-D cabinet, including required tools.
40U-D Cabinet Site Preparation Guidepdf
Provides information about environmental requirements for the 40U-D cabinet, including power requirements.

Related documentation: CIFS-ECS Tool

CIFS-ECS is a lightweight application that allows you to upload and download files to ECS from a Windows platform. It creates a Windows virtual drive and transfers data to ECS using REST S3 API.

  • CIFS-ECS Architecture, Performance & Best Practices White Paper
  • CIFS-ECS User Guide
  • CIFS-ECS Release Notes

Internal documentation (available to Dell EMC personnel through SolVe desktop)

  • New: Networks and Node IP Change
  • Installation Guide (for ECS Appliance and ECS SW with Certified Hardware)
  • Rolling Upgrade to ECS 3.1
  • Blackout Upgrade to ECS 3.1
  • Software Extend Guide
  • Migrating Centera Storage to ECS
  • Service procedures for field replaceable units (FRUs)