Dell EMC Validated Systems Solution Brief - Why Dell EMC Validated Systems?


Dell EMC Validated Systems for Virtualization (DVS-V) provide pre-tested, configurable hardware and software options to meet workload requirements for a wide array of workloads like OLTP database, web servers, decision support systems etc., and allow customers’ IT organization to:


  • Deploy mission-critical services more quickly
  • Utilize compute, network and storage resources more efficiently
  • Improve ongoing service quality for the entire system lifecycle


What7 pages product overview: “Why Dell EMC Validated Systems?”  Highlights benefits including:
  • Flexibility— pre-tested modular system
  • Simplicity - streamlined design  and ordering
  • Acceleration – verified interoperability
  • Efficiency – ASM for updates and lifecycle management
  • Lower Cost - enterprise solutions with groundbreaking economics
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Dell EMC Validated Systems for Virtualization using VMware paper just released pre-tested & customer defined

Deploy pre-tested VMware infrastructure with less risk & complexity using Dell EMC Validated System for Virtualization


Pre-tested 4 customers using Dell EMC hardware accelerate deploying VMware infrastructure


Customer defined VMware infrastructure for any workload pre-tested, validated, configurable & lower cost


Design you VMware infrastructure to match business requirements Dell EMC validates 2 ensure compatibility