VMAX3: Busy / Out of Resources error during Thin device create operation in Unisphere or Solutions Enabler


VMAX3 Series

HYPERMAX OS 5977 5977.691.684

Unisphere 360

Unisphere for VMAX

Solutions Enabler 8.1

Solutions Enabler 8.2


This document describes summary of Thin (TDEV) creation process and MDP and cache requirements.


When a VMAX3 array is installed at HypermaxOS 5977.691.684, at install time the MDP PF (Meta-data Pagefile) is configured for a 1:1 ratio for TDEV to TDAT space, even when no Thin devices are yet configured.This means the MDP PF will already have the capacity for the addition of TDEVs equal to 100% of physically configured disk space (in the form of TDAT devices).The statement describes the limitations around the MDP Pagefile expansion process once an array is over-provisioned. If you encounter the system busy messages reported above, and you have just created TDEV devices successfully immediately prior, please retry your operation after waiting 20 minutes.

For a detailed step by step resolution please refer to EMC Support Solution 482071 https://support.emc.com/kb/482071