VNXe/VNX1/VNX2:How to create NAR files


Unisphere for VNX

VNX1 Series

VNX2 Series

VNX/VNXe Family


This document describes how NAR files are created through Unisphere Analyzer.


Unisphere is designed to log into either SP and control the array. Unisphere will ask for the 'peer' SP the first; and if you always accept Certificates it may not do so in the future.However it is getting information from both SP's to display.Thus for analyzer, it is designed to be started or stopped from either SP, and will be running for both.  There are exceptions if an SP is not responding when starting the analyzer.  In that case we stop all the anlayzer settings, restart the management server, then turn analyzer back on.

For a detailed step by step resolution please refer to EMC Support Solution 485790