SQL Express Scripted Install for NSD-U

SQL Express Scripted Install for NSD-U





Version 2 - Released November 1, 2016









SQL Express Scripted Install is a tool to help EMC Global Services Pre-sales personnel and EMC business partners to install SQL Express 2005 and the SQLEXPRESS instance in support of GSSD tools.  It simplifies the install enabling a user to install SQL Express unattended and automatically configured it to be compatible with GSSD applications which use the SQLEXPRESS istance.  See the attached GSSD Applications SQL Installation Guide for details.

  1. Extract all files in SQL_2005_Scripted_Install_SQLEXPRESS_Instance.zip to a directory called “SQL Install”.
  2. Download the attached “SQL Server 2005 Express SP4” file SQLEXPR.EXE and save in the “SQL Install” directory.
  3. Note that SP4 is required for Windows 7 SP1 and eliminates the conflict with MSXML.
  4. Run “sql_install_SQLEXPRESS_2005.bat”.


  • Scripted install of SQL Express 2005 in support of NSD-U.
  • Installs the SQLEXPRESS instance.
  • Uses the GSSD standard password 'GStools001!'.


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Mike Lawrence (Mike.Lawrence@emc.com) is the product manager for SQL Express Scripted Install.


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