DPA: How to Upgrade Data Protection Advisor


Data Protection Advisor 6.2

Data Protection Advisor 6.2 SP1

Data Protection Advisor 6.2 SP2

Data Protection Advisor 6.2 SP3


This document describes necessary steps that are to be done to install and upgrade the Data Protection Advisor.



Download the DPA binaries appropriate for your Server and/or remote Agent(s) OS and copy the DPA Server binary to both servers (Datastore & Application).The Server and Agent binaries are included in the same Server binary file.There is no need to download any Agent binaries unless you have remote data collection agents in your environment.To install confirm version of DPA that is already being installed and perform a datastore export to backup copy of the datastore.

For a detailed step by step resolution please refer to EMC Support Solution 490968 https://support.emc.com/kb/490968