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This is a hub of information designed for potential consumers of REST API where we have tried to put all the relevant examples and documentation in one place to allow easy access.


The Dell EMC Unisphere for VMAX REST (Representational State Transfer) API allows for accessing diagnostic performance data, accessing configuration data, and performing storage provisioning operations for VMAX hardware through robust APIs. These API's can be used in any of the programming environments that support standard REST clients such as web browsers and programming platforms that can issue HTTP requests. The Unisphere for VMAX REST API supports both XML and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) MIME types.


If you're starting out using RESTAPI or need to find more information we have compiled a list of categories that you may find useful.





Code samples


This is a library showing some of the functionality possible using the REST API of Dell EMC's Unisphere for VMAX.




Here are some specific examples that have been contributed by our customers both external and internal.


https://github.com/cocampbe/ansible-univmax Ansible Solution on VMAX


https://github.com/rawstorage/dellemcpmax_ansible Ansible modules to perform Provisoning and Replication tasks on VMAX arrays using the Unisphere RESTAPI.


https://github.com/dtonnesen/vmaxvro VMAX Plugin for vRealize Orchestrator


https://github.com/stevenctong/vmax_monitoring VMAX Monitoring using InfluxDB & Grafana


https://github.com/nctiggy/VMAX-Graphite Push VMAX Metrics to Graphite effortlessly.


Data Sheet


Automating VMAX Storage with REST API - Data Sheet


Discussions and Blog Posts




Unipshere for VMAX REST API Examples - Episode 1. Provisioning.


Unisphere for VMAX REST API Examples - Episode 2: The VMAX Snaps back


Unisphere for VMAX REST API Examples: Episode 3.  Return of the SRDF


Unisphere for VMAX REST API Examples - Episode 4 Finding the Rogue One in your Environment, Gathering Performance Data via REST.


Bulk Enable/Edit VMAX Performance thresholds and Alerts via REST


Updated Examples Utilizing 8.4 Functions.








REST API Concepts and Programmer's Guide 8.4 - https://support.emc.com/docu84144_Unisphere-for-VMAX-8.4.0-REST-API-Concepts-and-Programmer


If you have any suggestions as to what examples or content you would like to see please reach out and we will do our best to help.