Tools that Optimize Value = Best Customer Outcomes, Part II

Another tool is now available to help our customers and partners get the most value out of their Converged Infrastructure investment.  The Getting Started with VxBlock and Vblock User’s Guide delivers everything necessary to get Converged systems up and running after deployment and implementation completes.

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A Complete Converged Infrastructure Guide

The guide provides a complete architecture overview along with processes and procedures that will take you through provisioning a new ESXi host to performing key administration tasks and managing converged systems authentication - all in a comprehensive step by step process designed to further enable your digital transformation.


Enabling a Digital Platform

Read Todd Pavone's blog "Digital Business Transformation Requires IT Infrastructure Agility" explaining that there is no magical solution to solve everyday IT challenges, but there are modern infrastructure platforms that enable digital business transformation projects to move rapidly forward. 

Redefining IT Operations

Coming soon, Todd will explore the difference between enterprise IT success and failure in his blog “Redefining Being Part of an IT Operations Team”.  Here he explains that having access to tools and services that provide IT teams with actionable intelligence can keep disruption in services to a bare minimum. In it he will share another important tool - How to Get the Most Business Value from your Converged and Hyper-Converged Systems that offers information on the process and organizational changes that contribute to optimization....So stay tuned!


And, as always, we value you’re feedback.  Let us know if the information contained in the Getting Started with VxBlock and Vblock User’s Guide is valuable to you and if there are other types of documents, discussions, training and/or tools that will be useful to help you get the most value from your Converged Infrastructure deployments.  We're listening!