ViPR Controller - DBDoctor Application

ViPR-C DBDoctor is an application to help view the ViPR database dump for the ViPR Controller easier and faster.


The ViPR Controller support engineers are often faced with a challenge to look into the ViPR database (Cassandra database which is non-relational) to triage issues such as stale data. It’s challenging to maneuver the DB data since querying for the records is not straightforward and often, it is required to dump the database as text format and look through the records which is very time-consuming and error prone. The ViPR DBDoctor will help simplify the collection and discovering of related information easier by helping connect the dots under one single application.


Environment Validation:

The application also encompasses the validator tool which will enable the user to validate the ViPR environment against the ViPR Support matrix. Please read the installation guide for more details around validation.



     Download the file and extract it. Follow the instructions in the installation guide to install the ViPR DBDoctor application.