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DSSD D5 – Ideal for real-time and analytics intensive workloads

In most instances, the key limiting factor, preventing organizations from modernizing their analytics environment, moving legacy and next generation applications closer to real-time and conducting more complex algorithms on larger data sets is the underlying storage platform.  Whether generating a report from an Oracle data warehouse, running a SAS Analytics workload for BI, conducting big data analytics on Hadoop, or using an industry specific application, such as financial trading simulations on kdb+, latency, I/O and bandwidth bottlenecks limit the:

  • Breadth and complexity of the analysis
  • Timeliness and accuracy of the results
  • The number of concurrent users and jobs

DSSD was brought to market to address these concerns and provide organizations with a new storage platform for their legacy and next generation real time and analytics intensive applications. With its combination of hardware and software innovations, the DSSD D5 will provide significant benefits:

  • Enable real-time analytics for larger datasets
  • Facilitate complex data analytics
  • Run more nuanced analysis in a timely manner
  • Enable more concurrent jobs and users
  • Simplify and consolidate analytics environments

Since the launch of DSSD D5 in early 2016, DSSD has been busy validating its record-breaking performance on a number of key use cases including Oracle.  Our internal and 3rd party testing has shown that DSSD can deliver analytics up to 6x faster offer up to 14x the bandwidth for more data intensive insights.  Click on the links below to learn more or visit our homepage.


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