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Dr. Burt Kaliski is the Director of the EMC Innovation Network, a global, online collaboration among EMC’s core research groups, advanced technology teams, and university partners.


Burt joined EMC Corporation in 2006 as a result of its acquisition of RSA Security, where he was chief scientist and vice president of research, leading RSA Laboratories.  Following the merger, he took on responsibility for developing a corporate research program for EMC.  In this role, Burt reports directly to Jeffrey Nick, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at EMC. In 2009, Dr. Kaliski was also given responsibility for the CTO office’s standards and technology leadership programs.


Burt's path to EMC began at the RSA startup that came out of MIT in the 1980s, where he was the company’s first full-time scientist and in 1991 helped launch RSA Laboratories.


During RSA Laboratories’ early days, Burt coordinated the development of the now widely adopted Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS).  He later served as chair of the IEEE P1363 working group, which developed a standard, IEEE Std 1363-2000, covering the three main families of public-key cryptography.  He was also the general chair of CRYPTO ’91 and the program chair of CRYPTO ’97 and CHES 2002, and a member of the advisory board for the Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security.


In 2006, Burt was appointed as a guest professor and member of the international advisory board of Peking University’s School of Software and Microelectronics, and in 2008, he became a guest professor at Wuhan University’s College  of Computer Science.  He is a trustee emeritus of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, and was one of 11 recipients of the organization’s New England Business and Technology Award in 2003.


Burt received his bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from MIT, where his research focused on cryptography.  Prior to joining RSA, he was a visiting assistant professor of computer engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology.  He is a member of the IEEE Computer Society.


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