Data Domain Virtual Edition: Step by step tutorial with detailed DD features description

Posting on behalf of Daniel Olkowski who created this package, which I believe could be helpful to many folks.


Let you customer/partner touch and enjoy Data Domain with this self-demo of Data Domain.


The self-guide allows customer/partner to easy download/configure Data Domain Virtual Edition (DDVE 3.0 / DDOS 6.0).

In further steps the tutorial leads a person and allows him to touch all fantastic Data Domain values:

  • Great de-duplication factors and all the savings
  • BOOST for applications
  • Compliance/Snapshots/Interface Groups/…

I created the self-tutorial because I cannot simply address all customers/partners.Now, the customer/partner excites itself about Data Domain.It works (from practice). I especially encourage customers to go through the following self-demo:

  1. DD_02_DataDomainAndCIFSShare_De-dupStatistics.pptx
  2. DD_04_BOOST_for_MSSQL.pptx
  3. DD_08_DataDomain_HowToMeasurePhysicalCapacity.pptx
  4. DD_09_NetWorking_InterfaceGroup.pptx

You can

  • Just share this zip package with any person from customer/partners
  • Show the slides in front of customer to explain beauty and uniqueness of Data Domain


Let your customer/partner enjoy Data Domain!


Daniel Olkowski