PowerPath Migration Enabler Setup error: PPME 6.0 SP2 Error: Setup failed: PPME error(68)



powermig setup fails with - API: Error: Setup failed: PPME error(68): Failed to transfer the source reservation



From PPME.log

Error: PR Keys found on Target disk during Setup:    Target Disk is harddisk31     Source Disk is harddisk1    harddisk31 has PR key :  0x40190028000    please clear the key manually to proceed.

API: Error: Setup failed: PPME error(68): Failed to transfer the source reservation





Please check the following:-

Clear the reservation on the target device by running:

Command Prompt:

cluster node /clearpr:<#>

or PowerShell:

clear-clusterdiskreservation -disk <#>

[Where <#> is the disk number as shown in Disk Management]



Note 1: Cluster Disk number as per Failover Manager GUI is NOT the same as the Disk Management number. Please use the Disk Management number.

Note 2: Do NOT clear the reservation on the source device. If done so, it will cause the Cluster Resource to fail possibly causing a Cluster Group failover.


If the above has been attempted but the error message continues to appear, or if running PowerPath 6.0 SP1 with same results please see https://support.emc.com/kb/482962.



If the above has failed please refer to the following below:-


Please extract PowerPath utility ClusUtil.exe (available from DellEMCSupport)

Note : Clusutil.exe is an untested internal utility, standard disclaimers apply.


ClusUtil.exe does not need an installation nor a reboot.

run clusutil.exe


C:\Users\administrator.PPCLUS\Desktop>clusutil.exe 1 prGetKeys

Microsoft Windows Server 2008

2 Initiator(s) Registered for Disk Signature: 0X788366e3

Key[0] = 1A26144F0002734D

Key[1] = 1A26144F0002734D

Reservation Key

Key[0] = 1A26144F0002734D

Where 1 is a disk involved in migration

If PR keys are present then  clear it using clusutil commands


Clusutil.exe <diskId> PrClear or Clustutil.exe PrRelease

( even there is no reservation listed, please run a clear reservation against the disk )



Once you have done this and before starting the setup again, please cross check prGetKeys with ClusUtil to ensure that the target disk does not have any PRKeys on it again and then try setup the migration and proceed with the steps that follow.

PowerShell commands can also be used, reference https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee461016.aspx



If all the above steps have failed to resolve the issue and you still get the PPME Setup error, please contact DellEMC Support and request further assistance, quoting https://support.emc.com/kb/490286

Please ensure you have run EMCreports on the affected host or Cluster nodes.

EMCReports are available from the following links:



     Or alternately



Download and execute the file relevant for your host system type (x86/ x64/ IA64).

Please make sure you run the utility in elevated mode, meaning: As an administrator.


The utility results in a ZIP file that represents the actual “report”. The default location for this zip files is C:\Windows\Emcreports\collection\ZIP.

Please attach this zip file to the Service Request.