Neutrino: Cannot launch instances due to BIOS VT set to disabled.

Neutrino: Cannot launch instances due to BIOS VT set to disabled.


VxRack Neutrino

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When trying to launch a new VM, the below error occurs:

The same error can also be seen in the nova-scheduler.log


libvirtError: internal error: no supported architecture for os type 'hvm'


Further investigation on some cloud compute nodes show the following:


columbus-green:/var/log # grep -ri kvm messages

2016-09-05T12:07:41.267008+00:00 nile-1960-9d9e22d-1053 kernel: [ 15.264562] kvm: disabled by bios

2016-09-05T12:07:41.267036+00:00 nile-1960-9d9e22d-1053 kernel: [ 15.397152] kvm: disabled by bios

2016-09-05T12:08:53.304106+00:00 nile-1960-9d9e22d-1053 kernel: [ 88.977171] kvm: disabled by bios

2016-09-05T12:08:53.356018+00:00 nile-1960-9d9e22d-1053 kernel: [ 89.030927] kvm: disabled by bios



This means the VT extension has been disabled on the node after a BIOS update or a Node restart. This is a random issue and it could happen on any of the nodes.


You can confirm the case be running the below:


lehi-green:~ # syscfg /d biossettings "Intel(R) Virtualization Technology"

Intel(R) Virtualization Technology


Current Value : Disabled


Possible Values


Disabled : 00

Enabled : 01




Please contact Support as they have a workaround they can use.

Please refer to EMC Support Solution 489381