Smarts SAM: What commands are needed to test the database for SMARTS OSPF events

What commands are needed to test the database for SMARTS OSPF events


Smarts Service Assurance Manager Adapters




Here is is a notifiy event, and it's coresponding log entry telling us the event was sent to the external database. These are events take from SAM SDI adapter log:

Here is an example Down Notify event  that I ill use to show you how to query the same events in your SQL database:
NA-SAM-AGG-8:Message Type : NL_NOTIFY...
NA-SAM-AGG-8:ClassName : OSPFNeighborRelationship
NA-SAM-AGG-8:InstanceName : OSPF-NBR- [TenGigE0/1/0/1] [] [CH3WANRTR00 T9/8 NXGN CKT:100177036CHI02010GENY403L]->
NA-SAM-AGG-8:EventName : Down
NA-SAM-AGG-8:Active : TRUE
NA-SAM-AGG-8:LastChangedAt : September 2, 2016 6:41:45 AM GMT+00:00
NA-SAM-AGG-8:LastNotifiedAt : September 2, 2016 6:40:41 AM GMT+00:00
NA-SAM-AGG-8:LastClearedAt : The Epoch
NA-SAM-AGG-8:Severity : 2
NA-SAM-AGG-8:Category : Operational
NA-SAM-AGG-8:Certainty : 100
NA-SAM-AGG-8:TroubleTicketID :
NA-SAM-AGG-8:Cached State : TRUE
NA-SAM-AGG-8: (Domain: NA-NPM-OSPF-8)

Looking at the below log entry we can see that this notification gets processed, and gets sent up to the SQL compatible  database.  Looking at this entry you can see that it has an event ID  of - 1005669713- and  was sent.  Using this number we can search the SQL database for this same event:

INSERT INTO IC_Notification_Occurrences (OccurrenceIdentifier, Name, Class, Instance, Event, NotificationList, NotifiedAt, ClearedAt, LastChangedAt, Category, ElementClass, ElementInstance, EventState, IsRoot, ClearedOnInit, EventText, EventType, CreatedAt, ArchivedAt, Severity, Certainty, TroubleTicketID, InsertDTS, UpdateDTS) VALUES (1005669713, 'NOTIFICATION-OSPFNeighborRelationship_OSPF-NBR->', 'OSPFNeighborRelationship', 'OSPF-NBR- [TenGigE0/1/0/1] [] [CH3WANRTR00 T9/8 NXGN CKT:100177036CHI02010GENY403L]->', 'Down', 'SDI_NOTIFICATIONS', '2016-09-02 06:40:41', '1970-01-01 00:00:00', '2016-09-02 06:41:45', 'Operational', 'OSPFNeighborRelationship', 'OSPF-NBR-





The above two entries indicate and injection into the database, but to to verify this actually happened. There are a few database queries we can execute.


For a detailed step by step resolution please refer to EMC Support Solution 489781