XtremIO: Top Services Topics

This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for XtremIO, identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of October 2019:

It is recommended that you also check for important information such as advisories (ETAs, ESAs), and other key resources on the Support by Product pages on the EMC Online Support portal.

XtremIO: Configuration file not sent to CLM when using the Legacy ESRS-GW and Email Call Home Notification configurations on XMS version 6.2.1-36

With XMS version 6.2.1-36 that is using the legacy ESRS-GW or Email Call Home Notifications configurations, the sending of a configuration file to CLM for the affected cluster is not working




XtremIO X2: Excessive instances of "Sym attempted to set prop target_snapshot_set_num_copies_status value for MGMT_EVENT_TYPE_PROT_SESSION_TARGET_NUM_PIT_IN_WINDOW to too_many_pits which has no event code" messages reported within the alert.log file

An XMS server's alert.log file contains excessive instances of the following message despite no relevant alerts being reported within the output of the show-alerts XMCLI command




XtremIO X2: False-Positive Alerts on Infiniband Switch (IBSW) ISL[4]

A customer may see the below IBSW alerts randomly appear and disappear on XtremIO multiple X-Brick clusters with XIOS version 6.2.0-81 or 6.2.0-85




XtremIO: Very High CPU Performance Data is Reported for XMS versions 6.2 (Dell EMC Correctable)

The CPU performance for an XtremIO Management Server (XMS) running 6.2.0-x code may display being exceptionally high




XtremIO: Unable to map LUNs/Volumes in GUI after upgrading to XMS version 6.2.1

After upgrading an XMS to 6.2.1, Volume / LUN mapping no longer works in the GUI.




XtremIO X2: Show Remote Protection IP links output is empty after XMS upgrade to version 6.2.1[1]

When attempting to list exiting remote protection IP links via the XMCLI or the WebUI, the list appears as empty




XtremIO X2: Unable to add a Remote Protection session after XMS upgrade to version 6.2.1[2]

Attempting to add a new remote protection session via any of the management interfaces




XtremIO: WebUI (GUI) may be inaccessible after XMS upgrade to/above 6.2.1

When an upgrade to or above XMS 6.2.1 completes, there are post-upgrade processes run involving the XMS DB

XtremIO: Mapping a volume to a RecoverPoint initiator group using admin credentials via the WebUI interface fails with "ig_tg_l_already_in_use" or "unauthorized_user" error

Attempting to map a volume to a RecoverPoint initiator group that was automatically created by a RecoverPoint cluster using admin credentials

XtremIO: XMS WebUI loses connectivity after one hour for LDAP user accounts[2]

A banner containing the following error may appear at the bottom of the WebUI screen after being logged in for roughly an hour via an LDAP user account:

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