XtremIO: Top Services Topics

This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for XtremIO, identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of September 2017:

It is recommended that you also check for important information such as advisories (ETAs, ESAs), and other key resources on the Support by Product pages on the EMC Online Support portal.

XtremIO: cluster objects are set with non-default names

XtremIO version 4.0.0 introduced a feature allowing the user to rename various cluster objects to non-default object names.


XtremIO: XIO Storage Controllers are not able to detect their sensor values

Storage controllers are reported to be faulty. When you issue the command show-storage-controllers-sensors fault-only on the cluster, One or more SCs sensors health state is set to be in level_2_unknown. xmcli (tech)> show-storage-controllers-sensors faulty-only

Unable to reclaim space from ESX host

The unmap command (space reclamation) does not work/reclaim any space from the XtremIO when there is a VPLEX in between them.


Disabling the balloon driver on vXMS via vSphere Client

The balloon driver may cause performance issues or failures on the vXMS resulting in the xmcli or GUI becoming inaccessible. Please refer to the step by step instructions and examples provided below to disable the balloon driver.

XtremIO: How to move a managed cluster to a new XMS without losing customer-specified configuration information

This KB article may be used when an XMS no longer has the capacity to add additional volumes or initiator groups because of inherent limitations.

XtremIO: XEnv panic and metadata prefetch leads to latency

High latency may be seen on hosts using the XtremIO array. On the array, you may see alerts for XEnv failure and proactive metadata loading trigger on the array, but without any other alerts (these alerts would normally be seen in conjunction with a Storage Controller reboot, but not by themselves).


The cluster VAAI thin provisioning soft limit of x percent has been exceeded

The following alert is reported: Raised alert: "The cluster VAAI thin provisioning soft limit of x percent has been exceeded. The threshold is x percent."

XtremIO: LUNZ explained

LUNZ is associated to a variety of issues including hosts failing to boot, panics, and performance issues. After initial set up, LUNZ was left presented to the host.

XtremIO: Exporting and Importing cluster configuration on the XMS

XMS cluster configuration can be exported to a file as a backup. This backup file can be later on imported, if required, to the same or a different cluster


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