Your Guide to the Online Support & MyService360 September Release

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As of September 17, 2016, we have transitioned to a new Service Request platform in our continued efforts to modernize your service and support experience. As a result of this transition, you will find that some of the functionality in Online Support and MyService360TM have been modified or have moved.  Please note, these changes are not a result of the Dell EMC integration, rather of our efforts to improve your overall service experience. 


We are committed to delivering a world-class customer service experience.  Over the past week, the team has worked diligently to fix intermittent technical issues and implement enhancements based on your feedback to ease this transition. We apologize for any inconvenience that periodic site maintenance or outages may have caused.  Thank you for your continued patience.


In this guide we will review the following key functionality and steps for maximizing your new online experience based on these changes:

  • Managing Your Service Requests (SRs)
  • Searching for Your Service Requests (SRs)
  • Using ‘My Custom Groups’
  • Reporting Technical Issues & Feedback


Managing Your Service Requests (SRs)


With the transition to a new Service Request platform, you now have access to SR Management through your MyService360 dashboard. With advanced, customizable map and grid views, MyService360 offers you a reimagined way to proactively view and manage your open SRs within the ‘Open SRs’ section of ‘Incident Management’:

  • A full list of your Open SRs serves as your default view.  Select the grid button (Figure 1.1) to revert back to this view at any time.
  • Select the globe button (Figure 1.2) to find a geospatial map view of all your Open SRs. 
  • Select the export button (Figure 1.3) to export this list to your desktop for further analysis.


Similarly, a list of your closed and open SRs can be exported from the SR Details tab found under ‘SR Analysis’.  However, this list does not currently contain SRs created within the last 24 hours.  A near real-time view of this information will be made available in a future release.


Personalize your view using your custom groups in the Site & Product Menu and the ‘Filter By’ menu in addition to the new dashboard at the bottom of the screen.  Read on to learn more about ‘My Custom Groups’.


Visit the help page for more detail on interacting with this visualization and managing your SRs. 

Figure 1


Searching for Your Service Requests (SRs)

Based on your direct feedback from this release, we’ve made searching for your SRs even more simplified.  Use the new SR search bar in your ‘Open SR’ view to find the SRs important to you (Figure 1.4).

Note: With the transition to our new Service Request platform, you will have two reference numbers for certain SRs:

  • ‘SR Number’ - The ‘SR Number’  (Figure 1.5) in the list is the new reference number for our new SR platform.
  • ‘Former SR#’ – The ‘Former SR#’ (Figure 1.6) is from our previous system.

Both of these numbers are valid to use when searching across Online Support and MyService360, or during an interaction with a support technician.

Using 'My Custom Groups'

The ‘My Custom Groups’ feature found under your Online Support preferences enables you to personalize and streamline your experience including:

  • Creating and managing SRs
  • Configuring email notifications
  • Ordering a part replacement
  • Launching live chat
  • Customizing & focusing your views in MyService360


With the September release, custom groups are particularly helpful for filtering your views and managing your SRs, as the site hierarchy under Company Administration has changed.  Now under Company Administration, all entitled sites associated with your company are automatically displayed rather than requiring you to add each site manually. Due to this automatic inheritance of sites, you may notice more sites, SRs, products, etc. as you navigate through Online Support. 


To help you focus on the sites you care about, the Site & Product Menu (Figure 2.1) in MyService360 will now default to the ‘My Sites’ custom group (Figure 2.2).  This ‘My Sites’ custom group includes the sites you had previously set up in your list prior to the September release.  You can change and expand your view in MyService360 at any time using the Site & Product Menu to see additional sites if you so choose.  You can edit this custom group and all others by selecting ‘Add/Modify Custom Groups’ from the menu (Figure 2.3).

Figure 2


Refer to the help page for detailed instructions on accessing, creating and modifying your custom site and product groupings. 

Reporting Technical Issues & Feedback

Your online service experience is a top priority for us.  Should you encounter any technical issue or have additional feedback, please report them through the Site Help and Feedback form.  Your feedback will directly inform the roadmap and will be used to develop action plans for improving your service experience.  Follow these step-by-step instructions for accessing and using this form for expedited assistance.

Have general questions?

Check out the Easy Ways to Streamline Your EMC Online Support & MyService360 Experience Ask-the-Expert event. Our subject-matter experts are standing by to answer your questions.


Looking for more information about this release?

Read the September release FAQ or visit the EMC Online Support Help page for detailed instructions.