SourceOne: Top Services Topics

This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for SourceOne, identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of May 2019:

It is recommended that you also check for important information such as advisories (ETAs, ESAs), and other key resources on the Support by Product pages on the EMC Online Support portal.


SourceOne Email Management: Archiving and/or indexing of data has stopped due to low free space on Message_Center, Index locations or .emx file storage locations.

The Message_Center, Index and/or emx file storage locations are out of space which causes processing for one or more SourceOne functions to stop.     

SourceOne web search unable to preview or restore any messages

The issue was caused by a change in the archive service Mac Address.

SourceOne Email Management: Elastic Search Index sets remain in Missing Items state after a successful Re-index of Failed Docs.

You have run a Re-index Failed Docs on an ElasticSearch index set or sets flagged with missing items.  


SourceOne Email Management Journal Job Getting failed on one particular worker server

Issue was cause because the Supervisor BCE component was not installed on the particular worker server.

SourceOne Email Management - How to run the SourceOne Database Maintenance Scripts

SourceOne Email Management - How to run the SourceOne Database Maintenance Scripts

SourceOne Email Management activities using LDAP queries hang and stop with "Dispatcher Terminated" status.
When running any SourceOne Email Management activities using LDAP as a datasource, the activity will hang and eventually stop and go into a "Dispatcher Terminated" state.      

The SourceOne Email Supervisor Reviewer client does not show any recent messages

When reviewing messages within the SourceOne Email Supervisor Reviewer client, no recent messages are listed.

Discovery Manager worker service keeps hanging then crashes

The Discovery Manager service (DCWorkerService.exe) was behaving as if experiencing a memory leak and consumed memory would reach 1.9 Gb range in Task Manager, then stop responding.  This affected users and jobs using Discovery Manager.

SourceOne Email Management - SourceOne Web Search "Restore" pop-up window stuck at "Loading" and never displays the user mailbox.

When attempting to restore messages using SourceOne Web Search, the restore pop-up window only displays "Loading" and never displays the mailbox folder listing.   


Discovery Manager server component failed to install with error : User <SourceOne service account> doesn't exist in group <Security Group> on the domain controller(s)

EMC SourceOne Security group is removed from Microsoft Active Directory.

SourceOne Email Management: SourceOne Journaling slows down dramatically when one or more SourceOne archiving servers are running at high CPU for sustained periods of time

SourceOne Journaling slows down dramatically when one of several archive servers is running at high CPU for sustained periods. (e.g. 98%-100% CPU Utilization)

SourceOne Email Management: OWA Shortcut Add-in server error in application

When Attempting to view original items using the SourceOne OWA Add-in it in an Exchange environment using an NLB that does not have affinity configured.

SourceOne Email Management: Exchange Journal activities do not terminate correctly.

Exchange Journal activities are not terminating correctly and enter into a loop whilst trying to close the Provider connection.   

SourceOne Discovery Manager: Search fails with error "Failure committing inserted rows into table. (0x86041BD3)"

Discovery Manager users encounter an error when running a Full Text Index (FTI) search against InPlace Migration (IPM) data.


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