SourceOne: Top Services Topics

This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for SourceOne, identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of December 2018:

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SourceOne Email Management - ExAsIdxObj.exe process hangs when processing index transactions files

When processing index transaction files, the SourceOne Email Management ExAsIdxObj.exe process may hang and cause a backlog in the Index\DropDir folder.

SourceOne Email Management  - Search report "Missing Items" errors when indexes are being rebuilt.

When SourceOne Email Management Indexes are being rebuilt, any SourceOne Discovery Manager Searches or SourceOne Web Searches will report an error


SourceOne Email Management - SourceOne Indexes marked as "Missing Items" after upgrading to SourceOne Email Management 7.2 Service Pack 5 (

After upgrading to SourceOne Email Management 7.2 Service Pack 5 (, several ISYS index sets may have a status of "Missing Items":


SourceOne Email Management - Index Sets are in an “Unperformed Transaction” state.

Index Sets in the SourceOne Email Management Console have a state of “Unperformed Transaction”  

SourceOne Email Management - Unindexable Messages will cause the entire index to fail rebuild/indexing and the state of the index will be set to Missing Items

Unindexable messages or messages with unindexable attachments will cause the entire index to fail indexing and index state will be changed to Missing Items in the SourceOne Console.

SourceOne Email Management - Unable to restore from web search
You are unable to restore from web search as you are migrating mailboxes from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013.  

SourceOne email Management - Unable to unzip the SourceOne software package

You have downloaded your required software package but are unable to unzip the package as you do not have the required password.  

SourceOne Email Management -  Exchange Shortcut Historical, Restore Shortcuts and  Update Shortcut activities fail after processing 500 messages and takes up to an hour to stop

SourceOne shortcut historical/restore shortcuts/update shortcuts activities fail after processing 500 messages.

SourceOne Offline Access - Agent crashes when launching Microsoft Outlook 2016

When running SourceOne Offline Access with Microsoft Outlook 2016, the following error pop-up will appear when launching Microsoft Outlook 2016   

SourceOne Discovery Manager -  Messages listed under the Matter Review are shown as  "Assigned, Copy to Hold Failure".

After assigning messages to a matter where a hold folder is configured, the state of the messages under the Matter Review is shown as "Assigned, Copy to Hold Failure".  No option is present to retry the failed items.

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