RecoverPoint: Top Services Topics

This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for RecoverPoint, identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of  January 2020:

It is recommended that you also check for important information such as advisories (ETAs, ESAs), and other key resources on the Support by Product pages on the EMC Online Support portal.

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines 5.2.2.x Actions Such as Creating a Consistency Group, Adding a Copy or Journal May Lead to the Inability to Access Journal Volumes

After upgrading a RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines, (RP4VMs), environment from 5.1.x to 5.2.2.x, which utilizes the JUKE module to access both journals and repository,

RecoverPoint with VMWare SRM: SRM Failover/Test Failover operations may fail after some time on "Create writable storage" step: Error - Failed to create snapshots of replica devices. SRA command 'testFailoverStart' failed. Failed opening session ...

SRM Test Failover or Failover operations may fail on Step 4

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines: Failed to Auto-Provision a Copy VM

RecoverPoint failed to auto provision a VM message when protecting a new VM.

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines: Journal Volumes Locked to Specific ESXi Hosts Can Lead to Data Replication Unavailable

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines, (RP4VMs,) uses journal volumes to track and manage point in time images.

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines: LAN Gateway Information is Overwritten with Data IP Information While Both Reside on the Same Subnet

Access to the virtual RecoverPoint Appliances, (vRPAs,) can be impacted and become unavailable if the LAN network configuration resides on the same subnet as the Data IP network configuration.

RecoverPoint: Unable to add VNX RSet(s)

New RSet(s) cannot be added to an existing CG.  

RecoverPoint for VMs:  CGs get into error state causing DRU/CLI events indicating communication problems between repository volumes and RPA.

Recoverpoint virtual Appliances VMs  (vRPA) loses access to repository and journal volumes

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machine: PSOD on ESXi host

Splitter deletes control path to RPA if control IOs fail.

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines: Splitter Removal/Install Forces an ESX Reboot

The removal of RP-Splitter vib shows successful within an ESXi host

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines: Non-Disruptive Upgrade Failing at on 0% with Status 400

When attempting to upgrade a RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines,




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