RecoverPoint: Top Services Topics

This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for RecoverPoint, identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of  July 2019:

It is recommended that you also check for important information such as advisories (ETAs, ESAs), and other key resources on the Support by Product pages on the EMC Online Support portal.

RecoverPoint: Consistency Group falls into error state due to [SYM failed to find snapset]

The link of a CG falls into an error due to [SYM failed to find snapset] forcing the entire group into an enabled with no transfer state.

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines: Plugin cannot connect to vCenter server

VMware sets the parent entity of all the VMs as unset/null which are placed under a vAPP.  

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines: Splitter installation failure causing the cluster installation to fail[1]

RecoverPoint for VMs installation using the WDM fails at the step of deploying the splitter on the ESX host.

Recoverpoint for Virtual Machine: ERROR: Failed to provision one or more journal volumes. Failure messages are: [java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "xxx-x"

Protect VM was successfull however system status reported journal provisioning error. 


RecoverPoint: Deployment upgrade fails when waiting for Gen 6 RPA to boot up from ISO upgrade - "WARN  - Apply Failed. - Connection failed. Verify the RPA is reachable make sure the login credentials are correct check user status and try again."

When upgrading RecoverPoint cluster with Gen6 RPAs, the operation may fail on Gen6 RPAs with error: WARN  - Apply Failed. - Connection failed. Verify the RPA is reachable, make sure the login credentials are correct, check user status and try again.


RecoverPoint for Virtual machines: SNMP communication failure

Unable to configure SNMP because there are no SNMP files and control asserts. RPA fails to SNMP Trap messages and there are no messages logged.


RecoverPoint: Upgrade failed due to RPA not coming up - RPA console shows "error: file '/vmlinuz-upgrade' not found."

RecoverPoint upgrade fails due to RPA not coming up after ISO upgrade (Step 2/4 of DM).  


RecoverPoint: RecoverPoint 5.1.3 VMWare SRM discover array failed

VMWare SRM Array discovery  failing. RPA's  already set to use HTTPS only.



RecoverPoint: Upgrading with Deployment Manager to 5.1.3 Fails After RPA1 is Reimaged

While attempting to upgrade RecoverPoint SE, EX or CL from 5.0.x or 5.1.x to 5.1.3, Deployment Manager, (DM,) fails are applying the ISO file to RPA1.



RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines: Replication process is killed by OOM (Out of Memory)

Symptoms found in the logs: In the log we can see that the memory consumption of Replication Process is increasing and replication crash at the end. 


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