Don’t Miss Out on Our Converged Infrastructure Ask the Experts Panel!

IT organizations across the globe are increasingly seeing the true value of Converged Infrastructure (CI).

In fact, companies that have implemented converged and hyper-converged systems have been able to transform their IT operations by deploying apps 4.6x faster and spending 41% less time, on average, keeping the lights on. This allows them to be more agile and strategic, which is critical in order to best serve and support the growing needs of their customers.


To capitalize this momentum, the VCE User Group (VUG)* is co-sponsoring a Converged Platforms & Solutions Division (CPSD) “Ask the Experts” panel from October 3 – October 17.

This session,  “Enabling a Collaborative CI Team,” will explore the different ways customers can leverage a converged and hyper-converged IT infrastructure to create a collaborative IT environment that breaks down the silos typically seen with traditional compute, storage, and network infrastructures.


This event also features Shelia Hartness, Lead Software Systems Engineer at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, who will provide a real world example of how her team adopted a CI model, and the corresponding IT cultural changes that they went through because of it.

Throughout the two weeks of the “Ask the Experts” event, the Panel experts below will also be responding to questions from you and other ECN members:

  • Todd Pavone, COO, Dell EMC Converged Platforms and Solutions Division
  • Nigel Moulton, CTO, Dell EMC Converged Platforms and Solutions Division
  • Pat Grazioli, Senior Director, Professional Services, Dell EMC Converged Platforms and Solutions Division
  • Brett Foy, General Manager, Data Center & Mobility Solutions, Ahead
  • Shelia Hartness, Lead Software Systems Engineer, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center


Don’t miss your chance to gain more CI knowledge!

This panel represents a great opportunity for you to invite your existing customers and prospects to learn more about the value of CI, as well as gain some best practices on do’s and don’ts when implementing a converged system.

You can RSVP to the panel to confirm your attendance and receive updates, or access the main discussion thread at any time once it is active on October 3rd. Don’t miss out!

In the meantime, please leverage our CPSD/VCE Enablement Centers for the latest tools and resources:

*The VCE User Group (VUG) is the World’s Most Advanced Converged, and Hyper-Converged, User Group. VUG is an independent community of VCE customers whose mission is to ensure its members maximize the value of their VCE deployments. To learn more visit: