Data Computing Appliance: Top Services Topics

This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for Data Computing Appliance (DCA), identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of September 2017:

It is recommended that you also check for important information such as advisories (ETAs, ESAs), and other key resources on the Support by Product pages on the EMC Online Support portal.


DCA V1/V2: dcacheck showing core file alerts when no core file exists

When running dcacheck output showing core file alerts after core files have been deleted on Master and segment servers.
Example output from dcacheck:

20141003:11:48:21:032085[ERROR]:-DCA_CHECK_ERROR host(sdw4): [Status=>error] [Count of core files on system=>12] [oid=>.]

20141003:11:48:21:032085[ERROR]:-DCA_CHECK_ERROR host(sdw5): [Status=>error] [Count of core files on system=>15] [oid=>.]

20141003:11:48:21:032085[ERROR]:-DCA_CHECK_ERROR host(sdw6): [Status=>error] [Count of core files on system=>9] [oid=>.]

20141003:11:48:21:032085[ERROR]:-DCA_CHECK_ERROR host(sdw7): [Status=>error] [Count of core files on system=>14] [oid=>.]

20141003:11:48:21:032085[ERROR]:-DCA_CHECK_ERROR host(sdw1): [Status=>error] [Count of core files on system=>9] [oid=>.]

DCA: Useful omreport commands for V1
This article discusses useful commands on a DCA v1 with respect to the omreport utility.

DCA V1/V2/V3:Types of memory errors

To have better understanding of Memory Errors


DCA V1/V2/V3: How to restart and verify SNMP services

In some cases there might be a need to restart the snmp services on the DCA. This could be because the dca_check is reporting errors or Greenplum command center is not able to monitor the health of the cluster. This article provides steps to restart and verify snmpd configuration settings.


How to verify battery problems on a DCA V2/V3?

The differences between DCA V1 and V2/V3 RAID Batteries, Unlike DCA V1 which needs to go through a 7 to12-hour learning cycle to have RAID battery recharged every 90 days. The DCA V2/V3 RAID battery recharging is quick and normally will not impact disk performance.

However if the RAID battery is faulted, the disk performance will be impacted.

# CmdTool2 -LDGetProp -Cache -lall -a1

Adapter 1-VD 0(target id: 0): Cache Policy:WriteThrough, ReadAhead, Direct, No Write Cache if bad BBU

Adapter 1-VD 1(target id: 1): Cache Policy:WriteThrough, ReadAhead, Direct, No Write Cache if bad BBU

Adapter 1-VD 2(target id: 2): Cache Policy:WriteThrough, ReadAhead, Direct, No Write Cache if bad BBU

Above we see that the Virtual disks are in Write Through in stead of write back.


DCA V1/V2/V3: How to run xfs repair to resolve input/output error, System has corrupt files. Unable to remove corrupt files from the file system

Case 1:
/data# is reporting I/O errors on a node and all instances in /data# are down:

Case 2:
DCA File System contains a corrupt files.

Power Supply x Status: error; Information for Power Supplies is not available

Power Supply does not show up when reviewing Power Status we only see na (not available)

[root@sdw3 ~]# ipmitool sensor


PS1 Status | 0x0        | discrete   | 0x0000| na        | na        | na | na        | na | na


DCA V1: Greenplum command center shows error message for segment servers: Data not found for expected SNMP OID

dsm_sa_datamgrd process is not started on sdw1 which is part of the Dell dataeng service.

[root@sdw1 ~]# /etc/init.d/dataeng status

dsm_sa_datamgrd is stopped

dsm_sa_eventmgrd (pid 6533) is running

dsm_sa_snmpd (pid 6592) is running


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