Elastic Cloud Storage: Top Services Topics

This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of May 2019:

It is recommended that you also check for important information such as advisories (ETAs, ESAs), and other key resources on the Support by Product pages on the EMC Online Support portal.


ECS:  Pre-Upgrade checks failed with RECONCILE_TASK

ECS:  Pre-Upgrade checks failed with RECONCILE_TASK

ECS: Cannot upgrade CIFS ECS Version 1.x.x to CIFS ECS GeoDrive 2.x.x : Error 25020 (User Correctable)

CIFS-ECS and GeoDrives come in two flavours, the "usual" CIFS ECS / GeoDrive installer and the Client Installer "CIFS-ECS Remote" "GeoDrive Remote"    

ECS: CIFS-ECS - How to enable File system logging

To capture CIFS-ECS  CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) - Upload and Download operations  performed by CIFS-ECS as documented in the CIFS-ECS-Tool-1.x-User-Guide.pdf.

ECS: Connecting ECS buckets with WINSCP

This setup must be done with a load balancer connected to the ECS, this does not work without one. You will need to create a DNS record locally.

ECS: Unable to delete bucket because the bucket is not empty

Customer gets  the message that the delete fails because the bucket is not empty.

ECS: Is Oracle WebCenter Content (WCC) compatible with ECS?

Oracle WebCenter Content (WCC) solution is a document management system. One can store documents in Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) through WCC.   

ECS: Transformation Errors and or Performance issues caused by Centera Nodes being overloaded

Transformation performance or errors may occur when the Centera access nodes are overloaded with connections. 



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