NetWorker: Top Services Topics

This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for NetWorker, identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of January 2019:

It is recommended that you also check for important information such as advisories (ETAs, ESAs), and other key resources on the Support by Product pages on the EMC Online Support portal.

vProxy: Backups fail with "Unable to backup virtual disk "Hard disk 1"

The NetWorker VMware Protection integration is configured with the vProxy Appliance. The backup of a virtual machine fails to complete in the environment.

NetWorker: Error: 'Warning-'<file-name>' size grew during save'

Backup succeeds but gets marked as failed in NMC. The failure message indicates: Error: 'Warning-'<file-name>' size grew during save'    


NetWorker Family : DDBoost device is Marked as suspect

DDBoost device is Marked as suspect, which result in backups to get into a hung state, any activity on the device such a "Mount and Unmount" operation will fail

NetWorker: Unable to login to NMC, receiving popup "Error:- There is a problem contacting the server, <nmc_server_name>. Please verify that the server is running." NMC installation directory has reached 100%

The partition NMC is installed on has reached 100% capacity which will corrupt the NMC database.    


Networker Windows client backup fails with "pseudo_saveset aborted, inactivity timeout has been reached"

Observed few Backups are failing for some clients after inactivity timeout has been reached.


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