Customer Training

We do not offer customer training on the  DCA hardware. This is because the DCA hardware is covered by Premium Support. For customers who buy the DCA, we have a Getting Started Guide which is available on The chapters in this manual include:

  1. About the DCA
  2. Supported Software Applications
  3. Preparing the Data Center Environment
  4. Planning for a Multiple Rack DCA
  5. Gathering Site-Sepcific Information
  6. DCA Administration
  7. Power Down the DCA
  8. Next Steps

Pivotal offers the course, “Pivotal Greenplum Architecture, Administration, and Implementation” (LINK) with these objectives:

Describe Greenplum features, benefits, and architecture in terms of shared nothing and the MPP design and how Greenplum supports redundancy and high availability

• Identify and describe the data models used in data warehousing and describe how data is stored in Greenplum

• Install, initialize, validate, and configure Greenplum Database

• Manage database objects and workload management processes by defining and managing roles, privileges, and resource queues

• Use table partitioning as a design methodology for handling large tables

• Load data into a Greenplum database instance using external tables, SQL copy and insert commands, and parallel load utilities.

• Use data manipulation language and data query language to access, manage, and query data

• Perform system administrative tasks, including managing and checking the state of the Greenplum database and its data and checking the distribution of data.

• Perform backup and restoration of Greenplum data

• Distribute and store data in Greenplum using a distribution key and partitioning

• Use EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN ANALYZE to help the Greenplum query plan optimizer determine how to handle a submitted query

• Improve query performance by keeping statistics up to date and tuning the database for sampling size and error conditions

• Determine when it is best to use an index and what type of index to use

• Improve query performance by following a number of performance enhancement tips