Avamar: VM backups report Completed w/ Exception





VM backups complete but show in the activity monitor a completion w/ exception.


In this issue, the VM itself failed to create a 'quiesced snapshot'. Quiescing is a VMware function that attempts to 'quiet' the VMs OS, application processes in order to create an 'application and file system consistent' state of the VM.  This it to ensures that the VM backup state is clean.


If the VM fails to quiesce, a 'crash-consistent' snapshot is created. This does not prevent a problem with backup or restore of the VM, however, on the restore of a VM in a 'crash-consistent' state, it does not ensure the integrity of the OS/Applications or Filesystem hosted on the VM itself.  'Crash-consistent' acts as if the VM was being started up after a system crash. In essence, the VM backups will be dirty.


vCenter fails to quiesce the Virtual Machine when processing for backup. This is not an Avamar backup failure, but is a VMware failure where the VM failed to create a quiesced snapshot. When this occurs, Avamar by default, requests vCenter to try a non-quiesced snapshot for backup.  The reported results is a backup with 'Completed w/ Exception'


avvcbimage Info <9692>: a VM snapshot has been requested

avvcbimage Info <14627>: Creating snapshot 'Avamar-1405395672b3c388f47f8f560c38ec42f8aa3182cd6690ef5e', quieceFS=1   < vCenter creating a quiesced snapshot

avvcbimage Info <14631>: Snapshot 'Avamar-1405395672b3c388f47f8f560c38ec42f8aa3182cd6690ef5e' creation for VM '[CA SFV FarmA VMAX LUN13] xxxxxxxxxxxx.vmx' task still in progress, sleep for 2 sec



Verify the VM is able to create a quiesced snapshot to see if it fails. If VMware is unable to create a quiesced snapshot of the host, then follow the steps from this article to create a dataset that disables the quiesce option.


For a detailed step by step resolution please refer to EMC Support Solution. https://support.emc.com/kb/470426





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