4 Steps to Focus Your Isilon Sales Efforts and Capitalize on a $6.6 Billion Opportunity

There are many ways to start a Data Lake sale…what’s the right sales play for your business? 


Unstructured data is doubling in size every two years and by 2020 the data we create and copy annually will reach 44 trillion gigabytes.

Customers are struggling with this growth. Their infrastructures are too complex and limit their ability to store, manage, and garner value from all of their digital information.


These common challenges present you with a $6.6 billion market opportunity to introduce customers to EMC Isilon and help them consolidate unstructured workloads into a single scale-out Data Lake, enabling the customer to: 

  • Eliminate data silos
  • Simplify management and reduce costs
  • Protect data through enterprise-grade features (security, governance, etc.)
  • Share information across applications and storage protocols
  • Turn data into an asset with in-place analytics


To help you take advantage of this growing opportunity, EMC is introducing the new Isilon Sales Play Tool for Partners.


What is the Isilon Sales Play Tool for Partners?

Designed as a collection of one-page plays, the Isilon Sales Play Tool empowers partners to identify which Data Lake sales play best aligns to their business objectives, skill sets, and customers.  Doing this allows you to focus efforts to better drive customer demand, revenue, and profitability, while also differentiating yourself from competitors.


How to use the Isilon Sales Play Tool to capture a piece of the $6.6 billion market

      Step 1 – Choose a focus area: There are three main categories; Scale-Out NAS for IT, vertical solutions, and analytics

        Step 2 – Select a Sales Play within the focus area: Within each category there are individual sales plays that will help you focus your planning, selling, and demand creation efforts:

  • Scale-Out NAS:
    • Find the file: Isilon is purpose built for the kind of unstructured digital information most organizations use: office docs, videos, photos, audio, engineering files, or webpages.
    • Converged infrastructure: Adding Isilon to VCE Vblock/VxBlock Systems optimizes customers’ infrastructure for both block and file-based workloads.
    • Netapp Takeout: The transition to Data ONTAP cluster-mode is difficult, complicated, disruptive, and necessary for Netapp customers.  Isilon is a more scalable, cost effective and future proof alternative, and EMC has aggressive promotions to make the switch from Netapp to Isilon easier than ever before.


  • Vertical solutions:
    • Media & Entertainment:
    • Life Science: Enable life sciences organizations to respond to scientific and business requirements while minimizing the need to re-architect their infrastructure.
    • Healthcare: Help healthcare providers to turn their data into an asset by consolidating without sacrificing performance.
    • Provide SLG & EDU organizations a simple, proven, and versatile storage solution that addresses performance and capacity workflows.


  • Analytics:

The two Analytics plays representing the greatest immediate opportunity for partners are:

  • Splunk: EMC provides a compelling alternative to DAS storage for Splunk environments:  better simplicity, agility, scalability, security, and consistent high performance.
  • Hortonworks EDW Offload: Joint solution designed  for customers looking to extend and optimize the value of their existing EDW


Step 3 – Review the material presented in the chosen Sales Play:  Information includes market opportunity, competitive landscape, Isilon Value, and links to a wealth of resources.

Step 4 – Access the resources to help successfully execute the play: There are a number of additional resources that help close deals, including partner promotions (Find the $$$ and Accelerate to the Data Lake), and marketing campaigns.


A single play will focus sales efforts, so pick the right one!


The time in a Data Lake strategy is now, and by using the tool and following the 4 easy steps above, you can play to your strengths and successfully position yourself to fully capitalize on this growing opportunity.