DCA Product Background and Value Proposition -  Quick Bullet Points

Product Background

Data Computing Appliance (DCA)

Running Pivotal Greenplum, first Open Source Data Warehouse

End users store and analyze data

Uses shared-nothing massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture designed for analytics processing and use cases on x86 hardware 

Product History

2003 – Greenplum founded and uses Sun reference architecture

July 2010 EMC acquires Greenplum

Dec 2010 - First Joint Product of EMC & Greenplum is the Data Computing Appliance (DCAv1) which runs Greenplum Database software (GPDB) and uses Dell Servers & Brocade Switches  

Dec 2012 – DCAv2 uses Intel Servers and Arista Switches – runs GPDB, Pivotal HD, HAWQ – called UAP edition – Unified Analytics Package

Dec 2015 – DCAv3 technology upgrade of Intel DCAv2 Hardware – only runs Pivotal Greenplum – back to basics

VALUE Proposition

DCA is the proven method of deployment for Pivotal Greenplum

Pivotal Greenplum can be deployed as software only, DIY hardware, cloud but DCA offers the best price-performance and most proven deployment method

It has been built by a senior team of programmers, hardware engineers, quality engineers, user interface engineers, program managers, manufacturing and transport exports, supply chain people, security experts, support personnel

A customer that buys software only cannot replicate all this themselves


DCA has been built with extensive feedback from the DCA customer community

It is the “Known Safe Path” where all kinks have been worked out

Greenplum Operational excellence is distilled into the product


DCA builds on Pivotal Greenplum database which started in 2003 and third generation of EMC hardware which started in 2010


All variables are fixed and validated:

Server builds

Cabling and network topology

Network switch configurations

OS settings and tunings

File system layouts and parameters

RPM package management

Firmware and bios versions for all components

Monitoring and management software

And hundreds of other small variables

PIVOTAL Greenplum Product Info

Forever changes Data Warehousing by offering a

comprehensive and proven system in open source”

First Open Source Massively Parallel Data Warehouse

Available as an EMC DCA Appliance, Software Only & Cloud Deployments

Innovative Parallel Query Optimizer designed for Big Data

In-database algorithms for advanced analytics running in MPP architecture

SQL Standard Compliant

Fully ACID RDBMS built for Big Structured Data

PostgreSQL heritage with 10+ years of R&D investment

Cluster based system running on “Commodity” hardware & Linux OS


DCA Architecture


DCA Architecture.JPG.jpg