ScaleIO Announces New OpenStack Extensions for EMC ScaleIO

On June 24, 2016 new OpenStack extensions for EMC ScaleIO became generally available (GA) and on July 7, 2016 we publically announced these extensions to the world. This announcement covers two OpenStack extensions:

  • Mirantis has announced an updated Fuel Plugin for ScaleIO.
  • Canonical has announced a newly available Juju Charm for ScaleIO.

Automation frameworks created by partners such as Mirantis and Canoncial not only simplify deployment of OpenStack, but with extensions (Plugin or Charm) enable 3rd party products to be deployed as well. The Plugin and Charm that have been released enable orchestrated ScaleIO deployments along with all other OpenStack components, making storage much simpler to deploy than legacy storage systems, providing a unified experience, and enabling customers to get to production with ScaleIO faster.

Why is this important?

Customer interest and adoption of OpenStack continues to soar. 50% of the Fortune 100 companies are now running OpenStack in Production, according to the latest OpenStack survey ( Customers have bought into the value prop of OpenStack: vendor neutrality, ability to reduce costs, and moving to an open standards-based model. However, the storage that OpenStack runs on is still a critical part of the infrastructure, and that’s where EMC ScaleIO comes in. Customers see ScaleIO as a high performance, scalable, flexible, resilient enterprise-class platform for OpenStack. With the ability to use Mirantis and Canonical plugins, customers can now easily & efficiently deploy their OpenStack environments on EMC ScaleIO thus enabling ease of deployment, automation & faster time-to-market.

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