ScaleIO Announces Data-at-Rest-Encryption (D@RE) with EMC CloudLink

On June 10, 2016 EMC ScaleIO D@RE with EMC CloudLink® became generally available (GA) and on June 16, 2016 we publically announced this release to the world. CloudLink provides policy-based key management and data at rest encryption for both virtual machines and ScaleIO devices. The integration between ScaleIO and CloudLink offers customers the ability to use data-at-rest-encryption (D@RE) technology to protect sensitive data stored on their Server SAN and maintain compliance with government, industry, and/or corporate regulations.

Why is this important?

Our customers across many industries (financial services, healthcare, government, etc.) are facing significant pressure to conform with government, industry, and corporate security regulations. The inability to successfully encrypt and protect data with external key management can lead to data leaks, security breaches, stolen or corrupted data, and more, which can lead to tremendous fines and negative PR. The ability to provide data-at-rest encryption for ScaleIO customers can enable new opportunities in the industries mentioned above, as well as provide additional revenue opportunities with existing ScaleIO customers.

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