ViPR Controller: Top Services Topics

This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for ViPR Controller, identified by EMC Support as the most trending topics for the month of December 2018:

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ViPR Controller : Creation of a VPLEX distributed lun fails with Status 524: Infinite or NaN

This error is related to an issue with the VPLEX management console which is rejecting valid commands passed from ViPR Controller.   

ViPR Controller: How to manually backup the ViPR Controller database using ViPR Controller CLI

ViPR Controller backups can be manually created using the EMC ViPR Command Line Interface (CLI) prior to making changes to the database, prior to upgrades, when scheduled backups cannot run, and when node(s) are down.

ViPR Controller fails with Failed to create zones for export group because of: Cannot place matching SAN storage-port <storageport> initiator <Initiator> for volume [URN of volume];

There are multiple causes for this issue when using Brocade Connectrix Manager Converged Network Edition (CMCNE) as the Fabric Manager.

ViPR Controller: Approved actionable event results in Error 18000: An error occurred while executing a job in the VPLEX device

When an ESXi host is moved out of a cluster and the actionable event is accepted to remove storage from the host, the below error is received.    

How to create a new vApp for ViPR Controller

When migrating ViPR Controller from one vCenter to another, the ViPR-C VM's moved but the vApp is removed/deleted.

ViPR Controller: When adding a new host to a cluster, the existing cluster MaskingView is ignored and VIPR attempts to create a new MaskingView

The user is unable to successfully migrate an ESX host to a ViPR managed ESX cluster with VMAX backend storage.   

ViPR Controller:  Failed Create block volume - Error 12000: Operation failed due to the following error: Smis job failed: string ErrorDescription = "The operation failed because another process has the device reservation exclusive lock on the Symmetrix".

When Catalog Service "Create Block Volume for a Host" is submitted, the Order fails on Step "Add Volumes To Export"


ViPR Controller: Incorrect number of zones created when exporting XtremIO X2 volumes

When exporting XIO X2 volumes to hosts, ViPR-C is not creating the correct number of zones as configured in the VirtualPool path settings.  

ViPR Controller: ViPR ingestion is successful but shows Error 64000: Parent object not ingested yet for unamanaged volume.

The cause of this issue is stale information in the UnManaged Column family.  This volume was in a Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) paring as the R2 device.


ViPR Controller: How to migrate an ESX cluster from one vCenter to another while retaining the existing storage.[1]

ViPR Controller: How to migrate an ESX cluster from one vCenter to another while retaining the existing storage.[1]


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