Business Value of VxRack and ScaleIO - IDC Whitepaper

We’re pleased to announce that the “Business Value of VxRack and ScaleIO” whitepaper by IDC is now  available!  IDC interviewed ten EMC customers running ScaleIO software-only and/or VxRack FLEX Nodes and based on their responses, determined that ScaleIO translates into significant cost savings and agility for our customers:

  • 505% five-year ROI
  • $6.13M five-year Total Business Benefits per organization
  • 50% lower five-year Cost of Operations
  • 83% faster storage deployments
  • 96% reduction in unplanned downtime
  • 32% improvement in application development lifecycle
  • $1M per year increase in revenue per organization

The full paper is attached.  Please share with whomever you like!