See How Easy it is to Deploy and Use ScaleIO via GUI, CLI and More!

Deployment and Management of ScaleIO 2.0


Deployment and Management of ScaleIO 2.0 provides a demonstration of the ScaleIO product with a variety of hypervisors/operating systems (ESXi, Window/HyperV, RH, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc). Starting from the basics of product components and UI, the lab exercise will also cover advanced product capabilities and features that are part of ScaleIO v2.0.


Deployment and Management of ScaleIO 2.0 Feature Highlights

  • Ease of use of the ScaleIO 2.0 GUI.
  • Scaling the ScaleIO enterprise cluster to increase space and performance.
  • Provision Volumes and take Snapshots.
  • ScaleIO Advanced management.
  • Oscillating Failure Detection.
  • ScaleIO Security.

Lab Module highlights

This updated vLab, Deployment and Management of ScaleIO 2.0, based on ScaleIO 2.0 provides several use cases such as the following:

  • Expanding the ScaleIO closer with ESXi and Linux nodes.
  • Ease of use via the GUI and CLI to create Volumes and take Snapshots.
  • Ease of Advanced Management via the Updated ScaleIO GUI.
  • Ease of account creation for specific management of the Frontend, Backend, and Alerts.


How do you get a demo?

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