Walk Through a Native Hybrid Cloud Platform Which Provides Developers, Operators and Business Managers With a Cloud Native Platform!

Native Hybrid Cloud (NHC) v1.2 On VxRail


As Enterprise customers are looking to modernize their applications to Cloud Native, the Dell EMC Native Hybrid Cloud Platform provides IT a platform to manage cloud native application lifecycle.

Native Hybrid Cloud Platform on VxRail provides developers, operators and business managers with a Cloud Native platform built on an elastic IaaS for deployment and management of cloud native applications, including performance and capacity management, as well as financial insight. As part of this lab the audience will get hands-on experience both as a dev-operator deploying and managing the platform and as a developer in deploying and managing the application lifecycle.


Native Hybrid Cloud v1.2 Feature highlights

  • Designed, tested, and proven hardware and software integration.
  • Built-in data protection with automated backup and recovery of applications, application Code, and core components.
  • Monitoring and reporting, providing performance, physical infrastructure, and financial insight.
  • Simplified support with a single call support model across all solution components.
  • Sustainable model addresses product updates and provides guidance for on-going maintenance and lifecycle.
  • Simplified packaging of hardware and software on a single order to improve the acquisition process.
  • Ease of deployment, automated installation, and guidelines for customer delivery and operations services.

Lab Module highlights

This updated vLab, Native Hybrid Cloud (NHC) Platform v1.2 on VxRail provides several use cases based on different personas such as the following:

Infrastructure Engineer Experience:

  • Configuring VxRail  and vSphere.
  • Installing NHC Pre-Requisites.

Pivotal Platform-as-a-Service Engineer Experience, deploying and configuring:

  • Operations Manager.
  • Elastic Runtime.
  • Ops Manager Metrics.
  • Using Native Hybrid Cloud Monitoring & Reporting component.

Pivotal Platform Operator Experience: Administering PivotalCF:

  • Creating Organizations and Spaces.
  • Deploying Pivotal Marketplace Services, such as MySQL and RabbitMQ.

Developer Experience:

  • Deploying Cloud Native Applications.
  • Scaling Cloud Native Application and managing application lifecycle.


How do you get a demo?

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