See How ScaleIO and Mesos/Marathon Can be Complimentary to Expand the Benefits that Containers Bring to Your Infrastructure

Docker, Mesos, and ScaleIO for your Persistent Applications


Docker containers have quickly taken a very forward position in the minds of developers worldwide - but persistent storage remains a puzzle for many people. Fortunately the EMC code team has developed the REX-Ray volume driver plugin for Docker, which allows abstraction of the storage layer, so that storage can be provided by a range of back-ends, including Amazon EBS, Google Compute Engine, VirtualBox, or - and most importantly - ScaleIO.

Lab Module highlights

This new vLab, Docker, Mesos and ScaleIO for your Persistent Applications, provides several use cases such as the following:

  • Create and deploy an application using Docker.
  • Create and attach ScaleIO storage to a Docker container.
  • Deploy an application with persistent storage using Mesos and Marathon.


How do you get a demo?

Contact your EMC Sales Rep or Click the Contact Us link at the top of our home page and request a call with an EMC Engineer to schedule a vLab demo or get access to a lab today!

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