This Lab Highlights the Ease of Deployment, Flexibility, and Simple Management of the Data Domain Virtual Edition!

Software-defined data protection with DD VE and Avamar


To augment the buildout, protection and recovery of Avamar environments, the EMC Software-defined data protection with DD VE and Avamar provides a single unified solution that easily integrates one or more DD VE's, Data Domain appliances or any mix thereof.  This DD VE combination works all agents and plug-ins just as a Data Domain appliance does. In this Lab, we show DD VE's seamless backup and recovery in an Avamar VMWare setting, with an exploration of selected features of the DD VE in the second half of the Lab.


Software-defined data protection with DD VE and Avamar Feature Highlights

  • Seamless operational backups
    • DD VE OVA can be spun and configured very quickly to augment an existing Avamar environment, or enter a greenfield site wishing to remain completely virtualized, or simply use the DD VE in a hybrid fashion.
    • The DD VE is highlighted in Avamar VMware backup and recovery scenario showing its intuitive use and easy expansion capabilities.
  • DD VE's flexibility in configuring the protocol of your choice, be it CIFS (Windows), NFS (NAS, *NIX systems, etc.) or Boost for fastest backup with Client Direct deduplication benefits for all supported file systems and applications.


Lab Module highlights

This new vLab, Software-defined data protection with DD VE and Avamar, based on Avamar v7.2 provides several use cases such as the following:

  • Use the Avamar backup policy creation and assignment to backup and recover VMware images using the Avamar Administrator UI.
  • Execute an on-demand backup of a VM from the Avamar Administrator UI to an EMC DD VE system.
  • Monitor the VM backup to an EMC DD VE, conducting a restore.
  • Cover the initial setup and configuration of a DD VE, highlighting the DD VE's flexibility in backup, recovery and replication topologies.


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