EMC Unity System With a Radically Simple Interface and Proactive Assist Capabilities Will Set the New Standard for Simplicity in the Midrange

Unity - Simplified Storage Management and Administration


EMC Unity sets the new standards for midrange storage with a powerful combination of simplicity, modern design, affordable price point, and deployment flexibility - perfect for resource-constrained IT professionals in SMB companies or larger enterprises needing a smaller footprint. Unity is perfect for midsized deployments, Remote Office/Branch Office locations, and cost-sensitive mixed workload environments. The systems are designed for all-flash while delivering the best value for its performance/capabilities, and is available in various configurations: purpose-built (all flash or hybrid flash), converged deployment (through VCE), or even as a software-defined virtual edition. With all-inclusive software, new differentiated features, internet-enabled management, and a modern design, Unity is where powerful meets simplicity.


EMC Unity Feature Highlights

  • Unified Environment
    • Block and file resources are fully integrated in EMC's Unity system. Provision LUNs, Consistency Groups, File Systems and VMware Datastores from the same Storage Pool.
  • Ease of Management
    • EMC's Unity's Unisphere management platform is hosted on-array and utilizes HTML5, an industry standard that is browser native. Unisphere is easy to navigate and breaks down complex storage administration tasks into simple step-by-step wizards, so that anyone is capable of managing their storage system.
  • VMware Virtual Volumes Support
    • Unity has full support for VMware's Virtual Volumes (VVols) platform. Both file and block based VVols can be provisioned on the Unity array.
  • Data Protection
    • With support for asynchronous replication for both block and file resources, as well as synchronous replication for block (supported on purpose-built Unity systems only), EMC's Unity platform provides effective on-array data protection options. Snapshots are also available for your resources, to enable point-in-time copies of data that can be restored in the event of a disaster.


Lab Module highlights

This new vLab, Unity - Simplified Storage Management and Administration, based on Unity v4.0.0 provides several use cases such as the following:

  • Login and review the Dashboard.
  • Review the Settings menu and configure DNS, NTP, and FAST VP scheduling.
  • Review the System View, Performance, Alerts, Jobs, and Service pages.
  • Provision a LUN, Consistency Group, iSCSI Interface, NAS Server, and File System.
  • Configure a User Quota and enforce it.
  • Utilize REST API to manage the system.

How do you get a demo?

Contact your EMC Sales Rep or Click the Contact Us link at the top of our home page and request a call with an EMC Engineer to schedule a vLab demo or get access to a lab today!

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