Get an Overview on Copy Data Management to Meet Compliance Objectives for Tenants' Protection Plans!

Modern Copy Data Management with VMAX3 and Data Domain


To simplify management of environments having one or more symptoms of "copy data sprawl," EMC's Enterprise Data Copy Management, or eCDM, is a unified product that enables one to meet compliance objectives in this setting. Once a Protection Plan is created, that plan is then Published to a Tenant. Publishing the Plan is a simple checkbox activity that makes that Plan available to specific tenants. In this lab, once the plan is published, it can can be assigned to assets in order to initiate compliance objectives on Primary/Protection storage components. While the focus here is on a VMAX3 Storage Group hosting SQL Server and a vDisk Pool on the Data Domain, eCDM also supports the use of SQL Server or Oracle as an application on an EMC XtremIO using Consistency Groups. Additional tools such as Copy Data Maps aid in visualizing data copy sprawl while the product's ability to be used in Reuse & Rollback Recovery scenarios are also covered.


Modern Copy Data Management with VMAX3 and Data Domain Feature Highlights

  • A single product focusing on data copy sprawl complete with the tools to tame it.
    • This sprawl may manifest itself as simply as too many copies, but eCDM can find them and then apply a uniform compliance objective, such minimum (or maximum) number of copies, crash-consistent vs. application consistent copies and quick reviews of unprotected assets, to name a few.
  • Enterprise-level copy data management to augment long term retention scenarios.
    • One can build a multi-staged plan (as shown here) to address Operational Recovery compliance objectives and then via a retention period, apply a different set of compliance objectives to the very same assets.
  • Reuse & Recovery Scenarios.
    • eCDM also addresses various reuse and recovery scenarios, particularly for a recovery to alternate location and a rollback to production.


Lab Module highlights

This new vLab, Modern Copy Data Management with VMAX3 and Data Domain, provides several use cases such as the following:

  • Use eCDM to discover assets.
  • Have eCDM create a protection plan, be it a single stage, or a multi-staged plan with an operational recovery seamlessly handing it off to long retention requirements.
  • Publish protection plans to tenants and then assign assets to them.
  • Explore reuse and recovery options.


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