Step Through How EMC NetWorker Incorporates CloudBoost Support For Long Term Retention to Cloud!

Blazing Backup to the Cloud with NetWorker and CloudBoost

To simplify protection and recovery of long term retention of data environment, the EMC Data Protection Suite leveraging EMC NetWorker and CloudBoost, provides a single unified solution for both long term data retention use cases and the ability to intelligently search for and recover files from this continuum. NetWorker and CloudBoost works seamlessly with Data Protection Search to intelligently search for data to recover from the NetWorker/CloudBoost combination serving long term retention requirements. This Lab also leverage Elastic Cloud Service (ECS) as the cloud target for CloudBoost.


Blazing Backup to the Cloud with NetWorker and CloudBoost Feature Highlights

  • CloudBoost's seamless use in the typical NetWorker cloning workflow to that device as readiness for a supported cloud target.
    • Elastic Cloud Service (ECS) as a cloud target highlights the interoperability of recently acquired assets.
  • Support of Data Protection Search (DPS) for intelligently finding files fast followed by a recovery.
    • Recovery from a client in the Cloud.
  • Workflow and operations are typical backup, cloning and recovery operations.
    • CloudBoost's embedding in a NetWorker storage node, the ability to use native NetWorker/Data Domain, NetWorker Advanced File Type Device (AFTD) cloning and DP Search-guided recovery.
    • No additional training required of Networker admins to use these new and powerful features for a long retention workload.


Lab Module highlights

This new vLab, Blazing Backup to the Cloud with NetWorker and CloudBoost, based on NetWorker 9 provides several use cases such as the following:

  • Use the NetWorker backup and clone creation operations to provide long term retention of data requirements leveraging CloudBoost in an embedded NetWorker storage node.
  • Execute backup of an AFTD cloned for CloudBoost with its data then sent a supported cloud vendor, in this case, Elastic Cloud Service, an on-premise cloud offering.
  • Monitor the workflow from NetWorker to Data Domain through cloning to CloudBoost with data ending up in ECS.
  • Perform a recovery of the LINUX where the files were deleted using DP Search's NetWorker support to intelligently find the files and then recover them.


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